Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Blog.

Happy Birthday, blog.

One year ago, I posted that this blog was not a diary.  This blog is still not a diary.  This blog is still an outlet for my creative genius endeavors. It's about what I had for dinner, and gingerbread mustaches, and the tomato monster.   From cooking, to running, to photography, to the wedding, this blog has seen most of what is beautiful in my life over the last year. 

But not all of life is beautiful, and not even all that has been beautiful in my life is in this blog. This blog is in no way a complete picture of my life, and never will be.  For that, you have to get to know me.  You have to meet me for drinks at the elephant bar, drive the Great Ocean Road with me, dance the night away at my wedding, hand me tissue after tissue as a bawl my eyes out, or be brave enough to face The Goo(Alternatively, if you are my future biographer, I would direct you to several other personal writing outlets, don't want to make this harder on you than it has to be! :p) 

In all seriousness, thank you to those of you who follow along this creative journey with me, and here's to another year.


  1. happy birthday, Amyblog! I am proud to have done 4/5 things on your list!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks for allowing us to follow your creative journey, with everything beautiful and otherwise. xoxo

  3. Yes, happy blog birthday! This is pretty much the only blog I read.