Friday, December 12, 2014

Daddy Teaches Preschool

Last week we hosted our second preschool class.  Daddy taught this time!

Our theme wasn't quite as tight, but it still went over realy well!

We asked the kids to each bring a dry food good for a small food drive.  I tried talking to Colin about sharing food and hunger before class but it's hard to say if he got any of it. You never know, so it's never too early to start talking about principles that are important to your family!

When the kids arrived we had our snack and dove into circle time.

Gavin did awesome.  He worked hard to engage the kids and keep things upbeat and fun.  In circle time, we talked about the wather and Gavin read "Don't Spill the Milk".

After circle itme, we headed to the kitchen for some 'cooking' practice, complete with hats!

We mixed salt, flour, and water to make salt dough!

Afterwards, we made a few handprints, more on that in a later post!

Our next activity was cheerio treading.  We threaded fruit loops onto a pipe cleaner.  Some of the kids really got into this activity.  Colin not so much.  He ate a handful of fruit loops, put one on his pipe cleaner and was pretty much done.

Someone else thought it was a candy necklace!  

It was so fun watching the kids focus on an activity so carefuly!

We ended with some walking/jumping/crawling and closing circle time.  The kids seemed to have a great time and hopefully they all learned a little something too.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Preschool at the Griffins

Last week we hosted the Ladera Learners at our house for the first time.  I am scheduled to host May and have already started planning, so I had to be a lot quicker getting ready in two weeks for December!

Circle Time Board

Preschool Tables
For our first week, I decided I wanted to do a preschooler friendly service project.  I contacted the Ronald McDonald house about their pop top houses.  They were so wonderful and mailed them to me to avoid an extra drive to Orange.  We prefolded all of the houses so they would be ready for the kids.  Sadly, I was too busy to get pictures of the kids doing the activity, but it was a hit!  Most of the kids dumped the pop tops and did it several times!   We hope to keep this going at our house, although we don't really drink soda anymore.  

Since we had the little houses, I went with house/home as a theme.  Our sancks were little houses! :)

Snack time is always popular!  After snack, we did our craft/ activity.  We cut out family members and houses out of felt.  Each child picked out the members of their household and stuck them on the house.  It was really interesting to see how the kids view their families.  For example, most of the kids with a baby sibling put the baby with mommy.  (The exception being Colin, who put the baby with daddy.)  We actually had so much fun with the felt, that I think we are going to get Colin a little felt board for Christmas.  

We made a patch of playdoh for Colin birthday party and it was fun and the kids really enjoyed it so I decided to make up a second patch for the party.  I didn't like how the first one smelled, so I added lavendar essential oil to the second patch.  It came out awesome! The kids had a good time laying with it.

We closed with Three Bill Goats Fluff and our circle time songs.

It took a lot more energy than I had anticipated, but the kids did great and we had so much fun!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy 1/2 birthday, Alex!!

Alex is half a year old already!!

Height/Weight: This continues to be a problem.  Alex is a wee little guy!  He's around the 10th percentile right now! Ek!!  His doctor doesn't seem overly concerned, but we do have an extra check up to monitor his growth.  He seems perfectly healthy and happy, but of course mommy is making her self a little bit crazy with worry about her tiny tot.

Clothing Size: Since he hasn't grown much, he hasn't outgrown his clothes either! He's wearing clothes that Colin had outgrown by two months.  My boys couldn't be more different.

Diaper Size: 2

Eating: Alex eats food now!  His doctor recommended we really push solids, so we are off!  His first food was banana right at his six month birthday.  He did well, but the next day and the follow day refused.  He's now tried apple and sweet potato as well.  He loves sweet potato.  He's very picky about his food, it has to be very very very smooth, which I wasn't expecting so my first attempts were rejected.  My immersion blender will be getting a workout with this guy!

Sleeping: A month is a long time in babyland.  We've had good days and bad days.  This week has been great.  He slept until five thirty more than once.  He also went back down immediately after eating, so yay Alex!  It's amazing how seriously sleep deprivation affects everything.

New Skills: Nearly sitting up on his own!  He can balance for a few second before toppling over.  He's become very fascinated with toys this month as well.

Despite his small size, Alex seems to be doing great.  He's meeting his milestones, sleeping, and is generally happy and fun to be around.

Another first this month is Alex had his first haircut!! Gavin really didn't want to do it, but truthfully, his hair was getting pretty bad.  He had these crazy long hairs on the front of his head and was pretty bald on the back, so we just cut them off.  Much better!

Pre-haircut hair

I can't believe you've been here half a year already, little peanut!  I love you!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Colin is 2!!

My sweet sweet baby boy is 2!

Colin is an incredibly advanced communicator.  He often speaks in complete sentences, uses pronouns and knows more words than I could possibly count.  Most people who meet him are amazed at his vocabulary.  The other day he said "Grandma, you should try it." (referencing a smoothie I'd made that Grandma said she didn't want.)  I was amazed that he seemed to understand what each of those words meant.

Colin has also started to become more introverted.  He's not shy and he enjoys interacting with people and other children, but I've noticed several situations when we prefers to keep to himself.  I love watching his personality develop.

The last six months have been busy ones for Colin!  He got a new baby brother, started school (technically two schools!)  He even (temporarily) gave up his pacifier.

We started a new tradition in our family: Birthday Interviews!  It's a little over Colin's head, but here are his answers anyway (along with mommy's answers)

Birthday Interview!
Name: "C! Conin!"  (Colin seems to pronounce his name with an extra N)

Age: "Two!"  

Favorite Thing to Do: "Watch a Bo" (he was asking to watch a Bo, but that is probably one of his favorite things to do! :))

Favorite Food:  "Bananas" ( We had just eaten breakfast, but he does love Bananas.  It's so nice to have our little eater back.  Colin will eat almost anything)

Favorite Color: "Pink one!"

Favorite Book:  "That one."  (Colin loves books, his current favorite is probably "Three Billy Goats Fluff")

Favorite time of Day: "Conin push something!" (I started losing him at this point. Colin's favorite time of day is probably whenever he is outside.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? ""Push that one right there, please!" (At two, it's impossible to say but daddy says based on his play preferences he'd guess Librarian!)  

What do you do really well? (Colin was done answering questions at this point, but the answer is talk!  Kid never stops!)

What makes you laugh? (Daddy!  He loves playing games.  His two favorite are 'running' where we run around the kitchen island and 'achoo' where his big bear sneezed and sends everyone flying around).

What are you afraid of? (I'm not sure.  He doesn't seem to have any acute fears yet).

Who is your best friend? (The answer oscillates between Desmond and Jax).

What do you like to do with your family: (Read and play!)

What do you like to learn about: (Everything!  The world is our classroom.  We are casually working on letters and potty training, but mostly just playing)

If you had one wish, what would it be? (Probably unlimited bos (videos) and birthday cake all of the time!



How long do you think I'll be able to convince him to take this picture every year?? 

Happy Birthday, baby boy!  Mommy loves you!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Colin's Birthday Celelbration Part 2!

It's been a whirlwind week. Colin is 2! Alex is 1/2! We celebrated Thanksgiving, had aventures at the beach, Palm Springs and around our house!  I'll go in order I think.

Colin's birthday was on Thanksgiving this year, so we had a house full of people to celebrate with us!

Special Birthday Breakfast

Colin had so much with his family!  Grandma and Grandpa got him a work bench, an electric toothbrush, a guitar and some big boy clothes.  Auntie Cheryl got him the coolest book with moving pictures in it and mommy and daddy bought him his much wanted dyson vaccum, a magnetic whiteboard with letters and numbers and a car play mat.  This kid is crazy spoiled!

He also got another borthday cake!

While we will definiately need to watch the sugar for a while, it was so much fun to celebrate with everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Birthday Celebration Part 1

My baby boy is going to be 2!!  While I was pregnant, my OB called him my little butterball since he was due so close to Thanksgiving.  This year, his birthday IS Thanksgiving!  I am so greatful for all of the joy this little guy has brought to my life.

We wanted Colin to have a special time with some of his friends so we had a small get together for some of his favorite little people the weekend before his birthday

Before Chaos arrived!
 Gavin and I were going with a casual cars theme, but at the store, Colin insisted on Thomas, so we did a last minute switch.  He was so excited to see his cake!!

Grandma bought him a fun Thomas train tent and him and his friends had so much fun!

We bought pizza and the kids sat and ate it pretty much on their own; like big kids.  Sniffle.

My favorite part was watching the kids interact and play.  But a close second was being reminded how many people love and care about my precious son.


Colin has apparently been practicing for blowing out his candle because as soon as he saw it, he started trying!!

We didn't really intend for him to open his presents during his party because ownership is a difficult concept for toddlers and we thought the kids would get bored.  But Colin had plans of his own.  He got lots of help!

Overall, the kids were amazingly behaved and we had so much fun.  It was pretty much exactly what we were hoping for: a low stress party focused on making sure the kids had a great time.