Monday, October 20, 2014

Palm Springs Weekend

This weekend we accepted an invitation to visit Aunt Bev and Uncle Don's house in Palm Desert.  Colin was very excited all week.  We told him we would go after preschool so for several days he recited, "Preschool, Play friends, Aunt Bev house!!"  

We take the kids to resturuants occasionally, but they both did exceptionally well eating out for all of their meals for a few days.  Of course it helped they they had extra people giving them lots of love and attention.

We also watched the TCU game, Go Frogs!


 It was a great trip with plenty of down time (what's down time? I'd almost forgotten!), delicious food, and a very sweat time with Aunt Bev and Uncle Don.  Thank you so much!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our bedtime Routine

It's impossible for me to think that someday I might not remember the details of our go to sleep ritual.  It's such a integral part of our lives right now.  It's something we do twice a day, every single day with Colin.

First Our Book: Snuggle up Sleepy Ones.

"The Sun paints the sky a soft glowing red it's time to stop playing, it's time for bed.  In soft swampy mud baby hippo so snug, cuddles up close for a big hippo hug.  Through wild waving grasses shy antelope roam.  It's been a long day their ready for home. Bold leopard cubs rest from practicing roars, they snuggle together all tired tangled paws.  While up in the tree tops birds twitter and cheap, until quieter and quieter they fall fast asleep.  Below in their nests baby porcupines all curl up snug and tight in one spiky balls. Mischievous monkeys shout down from the trees, "It's not really dark yet five more minutes please!" The zebras lie panting tired out from their play, they sink into sleep as the sun slips away.  The moths go but fluttering the bats flitter by, the elephants rumble their deep lullaby.  The shadows grow deeper the lion cubs doze drowsey heads nod little eyes start to close.  Stars twinkle brightly the moon softly gleams, snuggle up sleepy ones, good night and sweet dreams.  

Then Our prayer:
"Dear God, thanks for the sun, thanks for the moon.  Thanks for my house and thanks for my room.  Thank you for my mommy, and daddy and brother, and thanks for a family that loves one and other. Amen."

And finally our song:

"You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are.  You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are.Why are you so bright? So that you can find your way in the night night night, why are you so bright? So that you can find your way in the night.  You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are. You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are. And your belly does glow, so that you can find your way home home home. And your belly does glow, so that you can find your way home.  You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are.You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are. Why are you orange and green?  So that you can find your way back to me me me. Why are you orange and green? So that you can find your way back to me.
Having a bedtime routine has been awesome.  Colin knows it means it's time to sleep and it gives everyone a chance to wind down.  I also love the cuddles.

After much debate, we've decided to try a new routine with Alex.  I don't have his as fully memorized yet, but it will start with the book I love you as much, then the same prayer and finally the lullaby that I used to make his rooms wall decor. (Photos to come!)

Someday my boys won't need or want me to read and sing to them, but in the meantime, it's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lil Ladera Learners: Brush brush them!

I am so disappointed that I missed all of Colin's preschool meetings last week. It's been crazy around here.  First we had a sick baby, then work, then a dentist field trip.

I thought the idea to take the kids to the dentist was a fantastic idea, but because of my personal feelings towards the dentist, we decided it would be better if it was a daddy outing!

Dr. Fatehi showing us how to brush our teeth.

After the trip, the kids went to a park to play and eat their snacks.

In addition to a balloon, a new toothbrush and toothpaste, Colin came home with a renewed enjoyment of brushing his teeth!

As a thank you, I made this for the kids to fill out at school tomorrow.

Loving our Home school Preschool!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

OC Walk to Remember 2014.

I still remember the first time I found out I was pregnant.  I had been feeling awful for a few weeks.  Nothing acute, just a general bad feeling.  I was working nights on a birdge construction project and we had a pour.  I drove to target for Red bull and for some reason, I bought a pregnancy test.  I told myself it was kind of a joke.  You know, I was about to drink a four pack of red bull to survivie a double shift with no sleep.  I really didn't think I was pregnant, as evidenced by the fact that I bought the redbull.  But once I had the tests in my hand... I walked straight to the Target restroom to 'verify' my redbull rediness.

When I saw it was pregnant, my heart skipped a beat.  I walked back into the store and bought three more brands, to verify.  Then I called my husband.  I told him I'd passed a pregnancy test.  "What is passing??" 

I wish that was the story of Colin, but it's not.  That pregnancy, and the next three, did not end with a baby in our arms.

I love the OC Walk to Remember, although I don't need to walk to remember.  I barely need to breath to remember.  

I miss you, babies.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mom's Blink: And this just happened.

So today I was rocking this mom thing.  I had both kids at Costco buying pictures (and pizza for dinner, I said I was rocking it, not perfecting it). Anyway, I WAS rocking it. Baby sleeping, toddler laughing, all is well.  As we waited for the pizza, Colin, who was mom's awesome little guy the entire time asked very nicely "Mommy, walk on Conin’s feet please." So I let him out of the cart.

I had forgotten how big Costco carts were, and I had the baby strapped to me, so when I went to replace him in the cart, it was harder than I’d anticipated, especially balancing a hot pizza on the edge of the cart.  The end result was a minor, but vocal head bonk followed by everyone in the food area staring at the obviously insane woman who had just banged one kid into the cart while the other dangled from her chest.

A very nice man lifted Colin into the cart and told mommy to watch out for his head and a mortified mommy escaped as quickly as possible.  Once in the parking lot, I was faced with how to best load children, and stuff into the car. (Side note, when did Costco become my new Target? I really am a mom…) I decided to put the pizza in the back then load the kids. I walked to the front of the cart and my Maxi skirt got caught in the wheels.  I quickly pushed the cart back to untangle it and instead caught the rest of it, hopelessly tangling myself in the wheel.  I stood very still for a moment, one baby on my chest, another in the cart and my clothes knotted in the shopping cart.  I was almost more curious than scared of what would happen next.  What happened next was Colin carefully started to slide out of his seat belt and stand up….

My options were do nothing (and risk Colin falling) or pull my skirt off in the middle of the Costco parking lot and grab him. 

Easy choice.

Luckily I hesitated just long enough(trying to figure out if I could strip without waking the baby actually) for someone to walk by.  “Wow you look busy!” she said, which distracted Colin long enough to avoid his escape.  “Actually, I’m stuck and I don’t know how I’m going to get out.”  She rescued me, I rescued him and we all survived.  No one at Costco had to see my underwear, but I did have to tender my resignation as mom of the year…  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Four Months Old!

This was a big month for Alex!  His first flight, his baptism, his first class, and discovering that the world around him is so much bigger than he thought!

Height/Weight: I don't know exactly, a week ago or so he was 14 lb 1 oz.  We have a doctor appointment in a few weeks. He looks pretty big, but I know he's way smaller than Colin was at his age.

Clothing size: Six months, although some three months still fit.

Diaper size: Size 2

Eating:  It's been a rough month for eating for poor Alex.  First we had some supply issues.  We had plenty of milk in the freezer, but it was still unpleasant for everyone.  We were back to tracking all of his eating and diapers for a while (which we were still doing for Colin at this age, I discovered.  Man we had a lot of free time. :))  Things got back to normal and then Alex got sick and couldn't keep anything in his tummy for an entire day.  Luckily, we seem to be over that and I'm hoping we can settle back into a good groove.  In no time at all, it will be time for solids for this guy!

Sleeping: Alex has moved to his crib! Sort of.  We put him down at night in his crib and he sleeps there until his first waking, usually around one am.  After that he's been in our bed or the rock and play depending on how tired we are and how fussy he is.  He's still swaddled when he's in his crib and really prefers it.

New Skills: Dive bomb rolling.  Alex loves to push himself WAY up high and then do a dive roll.  Cute,but kinda scary.  Also, back floating!  We took Alex and Colin to a parent and me swim class and he LOVED it.  He floated really well on his back.  He is also interacting a lot with smiles and coos, especially for his big brother.

I am so in love with this little person.  I am constantly amazed at how his unique personality is already shinning through. I can't wait to see what's next!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mom's blinks: It isn't always roses.

Yesterday my poor baby (Alex) puked up everything he ate.  He was doing better, so we went to dinner for Grandpa's birthday and after nursing for not long at all, he puked up everything he had eaten and more all over me, the table, the floor, himself...

Daddy is traveling, and grandma and grandpa were with us for two nights.  After they left, mommy decided it would be best for us (Mommy, toddler, baby) to go to church together.  Colin kept hollering "Something different, home!" Once, after mommy whispered in his ear 'we are praying now' he shouted "No more prayer!"  He then begged over and over again to 'visit Mary' (who told him the statue outside was Mary??).  Meanwhile; baby, who had a major blow out on the way to church (it's like two miles dude, serioulsy??) refused to sleep, despite being super tired and instead just fussed and cried. Mommy tried to juggle both cranky children and debated in her head a million times if she should just leave.

I balanced my babies, as best as I could, while listening and participating as much as I could. I prayed with them when they were quiet and for them when they were not. I bounced, juggled and cajoled, Amazingly, I heard most of the readings and homily. Miracously, we all survived.  And instead of the admonishment I was expecting when I turned around to greet the people behind me, I was met with grace, a compliment that I was doing a great job and a reminder that there presence was important.  (She said something beautiful, and looked as though she would have said more, but alas, Colin started to take off and and I had my hands full again).

As soon as the priest announced that mass was over, and we should go in peace, my trio of chaos slipped out in as much peace as we could muster.  Colin immediately darted to the statue of Mary and found the roses.  I took a second to soothe the baby and Colin found out that roses have thorns... (no blood, but he was a bit upset)

So perhaps my title is wrong.  It is always roese, just not always the flowers.   It felt like the longest few hours, but even now, only a few hours later, with my back still aching and my headache only recently subsided, I already appreciate that these really are the moments I'll treasure forever.