Monday, July 21, 2014

Mom's Blinks: Toddler Words

Colin learning to talk is about the coolest thing ever.  (Something only a parent could say, I know, but so true!!)  Suddenly this little person can tell me what's going on in that head of his!

Some of my new favorites:

"Please" (boy does he know how to work this word.)
'Self" (I have a love hate relationship with this one...)
"Teeth brush'
"Seat down" (sit down, usually accompanied by a location)

Of course my all time favorite is still "Mommy."  Even when it's whined, or shrieked or said a zillion times in a row when I'm trying to sign the grocery delivery paperwork, it's music to my ears that I wasn't sure I'd ever have the opportunity to hear.

I also love how Colin narrates the world around us. "Tree, Vroom, baby, buf-fly, house, bunny, puppy."  His vocabulary is growing so much everyday.  While he isn't using sentences, he does string words together intentionally. "Buh-bye, jammies, in, grandma's" combined with hand motions and props conveyed to me that he'd like to pack to go to grandma's house for example.  

Another favorite activity is copying daddy's words.  They did the entire alphabet twice yesterday!

It's hard for me to believe, but someday I will have to work hard to remember his adorable toddler voice and careful mispronunciations. I try to remember to enjoy every second of it right now.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey Bab(ies) let's go to Vegas!!

When you think of the best place to tkae a 5 week old baby, you know what's always on the top of the list?  Vegas! :)  Just kidding, but Grandma's house is, and since daddy needed to work in Vegas, we decided to take the whole family out for some time with our grandparents.

Going to see Grandma!
I'd been planning for the trip since before Alex was born.  Just making a mental list of what we would do and how we would best get there with sanity intact.  Of course, daddy's injury sent that plan a bit out of whack, but we adjusted.  The travel went much better than expected.  The boys did fantastic.  

We packed up the car before we headed to the 4th of July party.  Boy do these kids need alot of stuff...  When Alex woke up for his 3 am feeding, we loaded everyone up in the car and headed out.  As we'd hoped, the boys slept almost the entire way.  Outside of Baker we stopped to feed Alex and let Colin stretch.

Mom needs a break, I'll drive for a while.
It was a huge improvement over Colin's first road trip. Gavin and I regularly debate if Alex really is that much easier than Colin or if 19 months of parenthood have just softened our sense of what's difficult. :)  
New car Toy! "Should I tell you...."

Paci for the ride.
For the drive home, we left at night and both boys slept all the way home! Including a gas stop!!  But even if the drive had been difficult, it would have been worth it!  

Most excitingly, Alex got to meet his godmother Auntie Cheryl!!

 Colin got lots of fun pool play time.

Alex 'saw' his first rainbow.

Colin helped mommy feed Alex!

Our biggest outing of the trip, was a trip to Bass Pro Shop.

Colin still finds racks of clothing almost as much fun as displays of giant stuffed animals, so it was an exciting trip!

Mommy's favorite is the acquarium.  Colin was fascinated by the scuba diver inside.

I love the wonder and fascination in Colin's eyes as he discovers things around him.  He loved watching the fish.

The trip also meant some much needed rest for our family. Mommy even had her first real outting without Alex!

I didn't photograph it, but I snuck away and had a lovely lunch with my friend Jennifer who is moving miles and miles away (we'll miss you !!!)  It was nice to have a break when there were so many people who love the boys around to take care of them.

Sadly, the main catalyst for the trip, the World Series of Poker, didn't amount to much this year, but it was still a great time to spend time as a family.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for spoiling all of us for a week!

Life is good at Grandma's!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mom's blinks. Verbal snapshots of life with our family.

I wanted to make a way to capture the small moments that make up my days.  Today they seem like thing I'll never forget,  but time flies with my little guys. My mom suggested titling them blinks and recording them here.  Here's my first one.

We were visiting my parents in Vegas.  My mom had very sweetly left some candy for us in the guest room.  Colin found it, opened it and was working on unwrapping it. He asked me to help, but wouldn't give it to me. I didn't want him to have it because it was peanut butter.  Rather than arguing,  I just told him it was icky.  He stopped unwrapping and looked at me, 'Ick?'  'yes, Ick.'  He immediately stopped, stood up and started to toddle off.  I was kind of impressed it was so simple.

He walked to my mom's room,  to her bathroom, opened a door and promptly dumped the candy in the garbage bin I didn't even know was there. 'Ick.' he conlcuded.

 I guess that's what mommy gets for fibbing!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fourth of July

Things have been crazy around here.  On the third of July daddy crashed his bike and broke his collar bone!!  He's doing okay so far, although we haven't seen the specialist yet.  As a result, most non-essnetial tasks (including blogging) have been pretty much suspended.  But I had a minute, so here's a minute long post about the fourth of July!

We are always so grateful to Jax's family for hosting such a lovely party for the fourth. This year Jax and Colin were old enough to start really interacting.  It's so fun to watch these boys grow up!

We didn't stay for fireworks (mostly because we didn't want to be stuck on the opposite side of Ladera post firework show!!) but Colin did great.  He was up until almost 10 pm!  Alex is still too little to really have a schedule and spent almost the entire party sleeping soundly in mommy's carrier!

Mommy with her clashing carrier and daddy with his sling. Quite a family!

Thanks again to the W family for a fun fourth of July!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Alex is One Month Old!!

Where did this month ago?  A month ago our baby boy was born!  Already I can't imagine our world without him.

Because my mommy brain can't keep track of things, I've decided to try out a list format for Alex's monthly updates.

One Month!

Height: Probably about 22"

Weight: Mommy guesses around 10 lbs, but no official weight since his two week appointment

Clothing Size: 0-3 and 3 months.  Mommy finally gave up on shoving him into newborn clothes.

Mommy's most missed NB outfit
Diaper Size: 1's but mommy does still insist on using the random NB diapers that show up around the house

Eating: Alex is a much much less exhuberant eater than his big brother.  He nurses every three hour or so throughout the day and night.  It's going well, (with the exception of my oversupply sometimes being a bit much for him) and I happily already know all of the things that make it easier for me (side nursing, nursing in a carrier, etc).  Alex also had his first bottle this month!

Speaking of carrier, I borrowed a ring sling and I am loving it!  So much cooler than my moby and easier and faster (important when chasing a toddler around!)  I don't have a picture of us in it handy, but here is Alex after I slipped out of it. :)

Sleeping:  So far Alex is a much better sleeper than Colin.  He sleeps peacefully in his bassinet(thank you Aunt Beverly and Uncle Don!) and only wakes up to eat.  He is fairly easy to get to sleep and will sleep most places (except his swing, he doesn't like the swing much).

New Skills: Pretty much all of Alex's skills are new, because he's new!  He does still make thosee very disconcerting newborn breathing noises. Alex is doing great with his tummy time.  So far he hates bath time.

Strong neck!

I think my favorite thing has been how alert Alex seems to be watching Colin.  I know he can't see very far yet, but he seems to follow Colin whenever he's nearby.  It's really amazing.

"Hey Big Bro!"

And just because, me and my baby. <3

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Beautiful Mess

Last years MOPS theme was A Beautiful Mess.  It's a perfect theme because life with kids, especially babies, is exactly that.

Over the weekend we had an impromptu toddler playdate at our house.

A Beautiful Mess, indeed!

There is nothing quite like the sound of more than one toddler melting down at the same time... but there is also nothing quite as beautiful as the sound several babies all laughing together, combined with the sound of little feet slapping on the floor.

This life isn't for everyone.  It's always loud, rarely clean, sometimes frustrating and frequently exhasuting, but I am so, so, grateful I get to live this beautiful mess!

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Day for Daddy

Things are still chaotic around here.

So Father's Day this year was a laid back event.

Although that picture is a lie, daddy only got to relax for a few minutes in the middle of the chaos that is adjusuting to our growing family.

Thank you daddy for loving our relaxed celebration at home.  There are too many things to thank you for to list them all here.  We love you and we are so very lucky to have you!