Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Club 33!

Disneyland is my favorite place. I love the Rides, the atmosphere, the families laughing together. Over the years I've collected all kinds of Disneyland trivia. At some point, I heard about Club 33. Club 33 is behind an unassuming door tucked away in my favorite land: New Orleans square. New Orleans was solidly my favorite land already, housing both the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, but the addition of a 'secret club' cemented the title.

Getting reservations for Club 33 isn't easy. It is a private club and membership is expensive, limited, and not easily acquired. Reservations can only be made by members. Fortunately for me, a friend of mine knows a member and they agreed to make the reservations for us!

We had some hassle getting from the rose court garden to Club 33. But, we made it and met up with our lovely photographer Jackie who had agreed to shoot the dinner. Gavin eventually arrived and for the first time, I saw the magical door open!
I'd toured the galleries numerous times, especially in the last few months, but it still felt magical and special. I was expecting everyone to be as quietly awwed as I knew I would be, but in a group that included 6 kids under 10, it didn't happen. The atmosphere, at least in our group, was much more jovial and excited.
We were ushered into the trophy room. Immediately after we came in, we did our champagne toast! It's not a wedding event without Champagne, am I right?
We hadn't really thought about who would be doing the toast, so as the champagne was being distributed, Gavin and I exchanged several prods and nods back and forth before finally I stood up and started! As I mentioned, I hadn't considered this aspect, least of all what to say so I doubt it had the fluidity I remember it with. What I hope I conveyed was that this was a dream come true for me to be in a magical place with those closet to me in the world and that I was ecstatic about my imminent marriage to the most wonderful man I'd ever meet. I'll leave it to those who heard to judge :)
The staff at Club 33 was amazing! For example, they saw me eying the toys that topped the kid's drinks and poof! Magic Champagne flutes!!

Then, food!
Okay, this one isn't actually food!

Gourmet Artisan Cheese Plate
Sadly, I don't remember exactly what types of cheeses they were! I a bigger fan of soft cheese than hard cheese, so the brie was my favorite. I think I may have even traded with Gavin.

Chateaubriand with mashed potatoes garden vegetables

The steak was amazing. I think almost everyone finished it! Mine was slightly overcooked, but Gavin split his with me so it worked out fine. The sauce was fantastic!

Dessert: Creme Brulee
I've never had creme brulee before, but everyone said this one was fantastic. I loved the little chocolate on top.
Dessert 2 Chocolate Mousse
Next they brought out this adorable dessert plate! The white chocolate faces were good, but I thought the dessert cakes themselves were absolutely terrible. Still, it was very cute. I also solidly determined that the blue shapes on the plate solidly tasted like blue.

The mints get a mention because Gavin LOVED them. Plus they are SO cute.

Jackie also shot some cool pictures of us hanging out on the balcony and around the club, this one is my favorite.
There are SO many great pictures, but I don't want to swamp my blog, so I'll put the rest on facebook, instead

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