Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's for dinner?

A blog series about, what else? What we had for dinner!

: Labor Day Picnic Our first BBQ experience! More about it here.

Tuesday: Labor Day BBQ leftovers! The thing about having any type of party is you end up with a ton of extra food! Leftovers will be a recurring theme this week! We did mix it up by creating some cheese fries!

Wednesday: Vegetarian Burgers and Carrot Soup (aka leftovers) It's class day! Veggie Wednesday, ftw.

Thursday: Dinner with Jen. Always a favorite part of my week! This week we met at Elephant bar for a fun happy hour.

Friday: Romantic Dinner out with my Husband. As one of our wedding gifts, we received a gift certificate for The Melting Pot. Dating married men is so much more fun! :p

Saturday: Top Ramen. My old college favorite! :)

Sunday: Fish and Chips. I think we are addicted to the deep fryer!

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