Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, little man!

We had a lovely and very special day with our little man.

Birthday tent!
 We were able to spend the entire day together and with our family.  Colin had a great day and had so much fun opening presents and playing with his family.
I love my mirror, Aunt Cheryl!!
 It is no surprise that cake was a big hit! :)

We had one of Colin's favorites for dinner: hamburgers!

Overall, it was a great day!  Colin had a doctor's appointment and is right on track!  He weights almost 22 lbs and is almost 28 inches tall.  He still has a big round head! :)

It has been a fantastic year and I wouldn't change anything.  Colin is such a fun and playful little boy and I am so glad we get to be his parents.

Happy birthday, Colin!  I love you!
Colin's Birth minute.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One Week.

In exactly one week, my baby boy will be a year old.

Everyone warned me the years were short...

It seems like the last year has flown by. 

My little blue eyed boy has gone from an 8 lb 8 oz squiggly infant to a big (not sure how big yet!) happy, toddling, toddler!

I am humbled by the experience of motherhood.  I am in awe that I have the opportunity to help this little person grow and learn everyday.  I have never experienced anything like it.  He changes so much everyday.  Today he is starting to give high fives, and happily climbing into my lap (only for a few seconds for a big wet kiss!), but I'm going to blink and it will be off to school! 

Everyday I'll treasure our weird games of peek-a-boo (Colin covers his ears for some reason instead of his eyes...), hold my baby as tight as he'll let me and enjoy the ride. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

The other Colin's First Birthday!

Last week we were so honored to be a part of Colin B's first birthday celebrations!

Happy 1st birthday Colin!

It has been so awesome watching the Colin's grow this year.  I can't believe this Colin is already a year!

Colin's new ride!

Proud Parents

New friend!

Colin had a fantastic time smashing his cake.  He did a really remarkable job!

It is so much fun having another baby around who is so close to Colin's age and I have truly enjoyed my new friendship with Colin's family

Friday, November 15, 2013


The last few months it has been a struggle to keep up with book club! Still, I made a commitment so I work hard and read each book.

September: And the Mountains Echoed by Kahlid Hosseini

October: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

November: The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

 It's been awhile and I don't really remember September's book.  I think it was fine.  Is that a glowing review?

I was surprised when the October book was not more popular!  I chose it for the obvious theme of Halloween but several of the readers really disliked it.  I'd read it before and I enjoyed it a bit more this time than last time.  And I think I'll read it again.

This month, we read The Kitchen House.  I really liked it.  I can't say I enjoyed it.  A book about slavery and substance abuse isn't exactly enjoyable, but it was a compelling book and I'd highly recommend it. 

I also finally got a book I'd been on the waiting list for at the library Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman.  Gavin had watched the TV show and people seemed to like the book.  I did like the book.  I do not like the author.  Throughout the book I kept thinking, Oh, she's about to grow up! She's about to turn the corner and stop acting like a dolt about her decisions.  Nope.  No luck.  I did find the first hand account of prison fascinating. Gavin and I also had several interesting discussions about the book vs the TV series.  (Which apparently are not very similar!).  

I'm not sure what's next on my reading list.  Reading time is limited, but I much prefer reading or listening to watching netflix so if you have suggestions, let me know!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun!

Halloween is a big deal here.  I love Halloween.  I love dressing up, decorating, handing out Candy and pretending.  

This year, I bought too much Candy.  Way too much Candy!

 I also carved Colin's first pumpkin with him.  Unsurprisingly, he was more interested in eating the pumpkin than carving it.  I thought he'd enjoy the texture a bit more, but maybe next year.

In the end, I thought it was a respectable pumpkin considering the short attention span of my assistant.  I should have planned ahead for the seeds that might attempt to take over my lawn next spring....

I did decorate this year, but my beloved Halloween village had to sit this year out.  I just couldn't come up with an area safe from both animals and inquisitive children.  In a few years, it will return, I'm sure!

We were lucky to have Grandma join us this year.  She held down the candy handing out fort while Mommy and Daddy took Colin for a little bit of reverse trick or treating.

Happy Halloween from the Skeleton Griffin Family!

11 months: Nearly a year!

Our little guy is eleven months old.  It's been a crazy month.  Lots of traveling, family time, and fall fun.

Our 11 month photos were not really a success.  Colin decided he wanted Mommy's camera and he is not easily distracted anymore.  As a result, I gave up early and resigned myself to a few pictures.

"Stop telling stories, mom! I'm a super content and happy guy!" (Temporarily distracted with the lens cover)

This month has been great.  I haven't been feeling well and it's still been manageable.  (It has worked out well that work has been slow).  Colin is awesome.  He sleeps great through the night pretty much every night.  He eats well.  His naps are sometimes a little bit of a challenge, but overall he's easy and content most of the time.

One major change this month is that Colin is no longer breast feeding.  He stopped at about 10 months and has slowly been working his way through the frozen milk which will be gone in a few days.  He doesn't seem to mind formula or milk.  We haven't had any problems and I dont' really expect any.

This month we also had family photos.  That deserves a post of it's own, hopefully when I'm not feeling quite so negative about it!

A few days ago Colin also took his first intentional steps!  He was holding onto our cuddle couch and I picked up the remote control.  He turned and took three careful steps before falling and crawling towards me as quickly as he could!  I can't believe he'll be walking soon.

Overall, it's been a great month.  Soon my infant will be toddler! Oh my goodness!