Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Three Whole Years

I can believe it's been three years.  Three years since a day that I was sure could never happen, happened.

I love you.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

8 months

Two thirds of the way through his first year!

8 Months

1 month

This has been and a busy and hectic month (more on that later) but it's been a super fun and sweet month with Colin.

This age is so much fun.  Colin is really starting to show his personality.  He learns new things everyday and is so much fun to play and interact with.

This month Colin spent lots of times with his Grandmas and he took his first airplane ride!

This month Colin also acquired two new teeth! (top front)

Sleeping is going great and despite being very difficult to put down to sleep, Colin sleeps through the night.  He's also a champ at eating.  The child will eat anything, anytime, any temperature, any texture.  I am having so much fun making new foods for him to try.

Our monthly photo shoot was a bit rocky this month, and keeping a sticker on this child is getting harder and harder!  Oh well.

Happiest Eight Months, little man!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Flying with Baby

It wasn't my first time traveling with baby.  He's already made two trips across the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas.  Last weekend, however, was our first attempt at air travel.

As with most any task, my planning involved a lot of lists and a trial run.  While Gavin's mom was going to be flying up with me, I was on my own heading home.

First step was a backpack.  I can't believe I didn't own a backpack.  I'm not a huge fan of the one I ended up with, but time was short and it works okay.  I didn't want to contend with a diaper bag, so the backpack was my diaper bag/purse/carry on.  Everything I thought I'd need.  I packed everything into one suitcase so my out the door items included only the following: backpack, stroller, car seat, baby (in carrier), suitcase.

The items were fairly managable.  Having the baby in the carrier helped immensely because I could toss my pack in the car seat and navigate much more simply.  I was also pleasantly surprised that I could leave him in the carrier to go through the metal detector.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love our carrier?  Lifesaver.  I checked the bag and gate checked the car seat (in a carry bag) and the stroller.  I was also surprised to find that the Oakland airport had a special line for families traveling with babies or medical liquids.  Colin doesn't normally eat formula, but I brought some just in case.  Both trips to the airport I had to be special screened (some type of testing on my hands) which I assume must be releated to the liquids.

Before I left, I read the Flying with Baby book by Meg of  I've always found her writing to be light hearted and helpful and I highly recommend it.  It's a short easy read and super cheap.

She suggested a new fun toy for the trip.  So I ordered, and carefully hid a new Lamaze bug toy.  Once we were in the air, I pulled it out with a flourish.  Colin took one look at it once and tossed in to the side in favor of playing with the barf bag...

Another unanticipated pleasantry was how helpful people were at the airport.  Traveling with Colin, I was more than willing to accept help, particularly with lifting and storing bags.

Since I was mostly traveling alone with baby, there are very few pictures of the adventure, save this one of us waiting in line for check in.

The biggest thing I would change is hooks!  If it isn't connected to me, I have trouble keepting track of it.  I've ordered a pacifer clip and a phone case with a clip for our next trip.  Now if I can just glue our tickets to my forehead, I'll be in good shape!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Congratulations David and Kiki!

We spent the weekend in Oakland celebrating the marriage of Gavin's cousin.  It was also the first opportunity for many of Gavin's family members to meet Colin.  Most importantly, it was a fun reunion for Daddy and baby!  

Hotel living with baby was easier than I was expecting.  We borrowed a peapod from Cori and it worked fantastically!  (I don't have a picture, but basically it's an inflatable mattress with a tent over the top of it.

"You guys sleep in the peapod, I claim this bed"
It was only a short trip, so we opted for sink baths.

Colin was a hit with the family!

I couldn't find a suit I liked, and I was so happy when our new neighbor let us borrow her son's Easter suit.  Does it get any cuter??

Colin did well during the wedding, but was wide awake.  He napped for about 20 minutes during the cocktail hour and then was up and partying until after 10:30 pm.  Crazy boy!

I only got this photo of the back of the bride and groom... I had my hands full the rest of the time!

Selfishly, I think that my favorite part of the night was the mother & son dance.  During the song, they invited all of the mothers in attendance with their sons to join the Groom and his mother.  Our first mother & son dance.  It was awesome.  I love this little guy with all of my heart.  I know that way too soon it could be his wedding that we twirling away at and it reminded me to cherish every single second I have with my little man.    

It was a quick and busy trip (also our first plane ride, which deserves it's own post!).  A fun weekend, but it's always nice to be home!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ladera for Little Guys

When we moved to Ladera, we were often asked how many children we had.  Our answer at the time would be meet with a slightly confused look.... Lots of children live in Ladera.

And now I understand why.  While we fell in love with the open spaces, nearby trails, and varied home arcitecture, there's an entirely different set of benefits for wee ones here that we are just learning about!

Parks, water parks, slides, swings, grassy slopes for rolling and playing... no wonder so many families love it here!

First trip to the Plunge Park

Checking out the fountains with Daddy

Kids pool with mommy

Playing with friends at the water park

Swinging at the Pocket Park

Enjoying the grass and view at our neighborhood park

Last night I enjoyed my first Ladera Summer Concert with Colin.  We've always enjoyed heading out to the park on Friday evenings in the summer to visit with friends and enjoy the nice weather, but it's a whole new experience with babies!

It was so awesome to throw down blankets and visit with friends to the back drop of music and community.  It's not perfect, of course, but I love this neighborhood and I am so glad we have the opportunity to grow our family here!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the wonderful, maravouls night you were born...

The night Colin was born was magical.  It was also a bit of a blur.  He was born late and after a few moments in my arms was rushed off to NICU.  I was rolled up later to hold the precious miracle I'd waited so long for.

The book "On the Night You Were Born" by Nancy Tillman almost always makes me cry.  When I picture that night, though, it's normally the night we came home from the hospital that I imagine...

After a frantic few days in the hospital, it was dark by the time we were discharged.  We were escorted out by a hospital volunteer.  Colin in a little red wagon, me carefully walking along beside him (I'd escaped the wheel chair by just waving to my discharge nurse as the elevator doors closed on the maternity ward to take me to NICU).  We carefully snapped his car seat into the car.  Gavin played his Rolling Stones lullabies as I gingerly climbed in next to Colin.  The volunteer closed the car door behind me and we were alone as a family for the first time.  I leaned over my son and silent tears slid down my face as we waited at the parking kiosk.  

The very short ride home was uncomfortable, but I was enraptured by Colin.  We pulled onto our street.  I'd never loved our family, my husband, our home or the entry to our house as much as I did on the night.  It had rained just enough to make everything clean and wet and the Christmas lights glistened off the damp pavement and the dewy night air.  It was just foggy enough to give everything a slight of awe and magic.  

As we pulled into our drive way, I noticed the stork and balloons joyful welcoming us home.  The silent tears came faster and a little less silently.  We were welcomed home with love by both sets of grandparents who had light our Christmas tree and dimmed the lights inside perfectly to maintain the magical aura of the evening.  The welcomed us, kissed us and somehow slipped silently out, leaving us a preciously private few moments together as a family.

I rarely post without pictures, and there are pictures of our home coming.  But not a single one can capture even a fraction of the magic of that night.  The moments are etched in my memory and it will always be a particularly cherished moment.

"On the night you were born the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peaked in to see you and the night wind whispered, Life will never be the same, because there had never been anyone like you ever in the world..."     

Friday, July 5, 2013

Baby's First 4th of July

Colin's First 4th of July!

We headed over to Jax's family's house for a Red While and blue Party!

In the spirit of the holiday, mommy bad a fresh red, white and blue dinner for the boys! (Strawberries, Blueberries and bannana).

Jax wasn't so sure about the new foods:

Colin on the other hand, was a huge fan!

We had a great fourth of July hanging out with old friends and making new friends!

Colin wants YOU to enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting ready for Texas!

Colin is getting ready for his big Texas adventure!!

We have an exciting summer of travel scheduled: a wedding and two family vacations!

Any tips for flying with an incredibly mobile 8 month old appreciated!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby's Getting Up

There is no keeping this child down!