Monday, July 22, 2013

Congratulations David and Kiki!

We spent the weekend in Oakland celebrating the marriage of Gavin's cousin.  It was also the first opportunity for many of Gavin's family members to meet Colin.  Most importantly, it was a fun reunion for Daddy and baby!  

Hotel living with baby was easier than I was expecting.  We borrowed a peapod from Cori and it worked fantastically!  (I don't have a picture, but basically it's an inflatable mattress with a tent over the top of it.

"You guys sleep in the peapod, I claim this bed"
It was only a short trip, so we opted for sink baths.

Colin was a hit with the family!

I couldn't find a suit I liked, and I was so happy when our new neighbor let us borrow her son's Easter suit.  Does it get any cuter??

Colin did well during the wedding, but was wide awake.  He napped for about 20 minutes during the cocktail hour and then was up and partying until after 10:30 pm.  Crazy boy!

I only got this photo of the back of the bride and groom... I had my hands full the rest of the time!

Selfishly, I think that my favorite part of the night was the mother & son dance.  During the song, they invited all of the mothers in attendance with their sons to join the Groom and his mother.  Our first mother & son dance.  It was awesome.  I love this little guy with all of my heart.  I know that way too soon it could be his wedding that we twirling away at and it reminded me to cherish every single second I have with my little man.    

It was a quick and busy trip (also our first plane ride, which deserves it's own post!).  A fun weekend, but it's always nice to be home!

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  1. Wow, Cori's kids look so grown up!! I almost didn't recognize them. I have the picture of Brooklyn (that I took in your bathroom during wedding hair/makeup) ingrained in my mind.