Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 Months

Our little guy is 10 months!  This month brought two new teeth (finally!) bringing the total of 6, his first temper tantrum, the end of his first summer, lots of walks, hugs and kisses,

Other than that, it was a relatively 'normal' month without major travel or too much schedule upset.  Colin enjoyed our trip to Malibu and I'm amazed at how well he does in the car most of the time.  He has the most trouble with short trips, especially if there are lots of stops; which makes running errands rather tideous sometimes.

Colin doesn't really have a favorite food.  He really will eat anything and everything, and LOTS of it.  I grew a little concerned with his appetite and ended up sending a message to his pediatrician, but he wasn't concerned.  I was mostly concerned because at his 9 month check, he hadn't grown since his 6 month check, brining him from the 98th percentile down to about the 23rd.  His appetite made me worry there was something he wasn't getting in his diet, but apparently he's just hungry.  I hope his willingness to eat everything continues.

This age is so much fun.  I think looking back there have been things I have liked about all of them, but the last few months have been my favorite.  I love watching his personality emerge.  I love his newfound independence and mobility (although both keep us on our toes!)

The next month should be an exciting one and I can't wait to see what Colin thinks of all of the new things he's going to encounter!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Everyday.

One of the questions that Gavin and I inevitably ask each other during our dates nights is "What is your favorite thing that's going on in our world right now?"

When Gavin asked me most recently, a million pictures flashed through my head.  From leaking roofs to laughing baby.  I realized that my favorite thing about our world right now is the everyday.

I love our everyday.  As much as I love and miss sleeping on my own terms, I adore the moment Gavin appears at the beside with Colin whose cuddles up with me to nurse.  I love waking up, even when it's super early, to make my coffee (even when it's decafe) and get ready for my day.  As hard as it is to leave some days, I love knowing Colin and daddy have a full day of adventures and learning.

In this 'idyllic' everyday, I get several pictures throughout the day.  Colin scrambling up to kiss his pony Tahoe, daddy and Colin smiling together at me, their faces pressed together to fit in the frame, maybe a picture of the baby monitor, Colin in one of his signiture hilarious sleep positions.  When I come home, sometimes Colin is awake.  Daddy announces my arrival and I hear giggling along with the slap slap of Colin's hands and knees as he round the corner to find me.

Some days it's time for daddy to rush off to work, other days we spend the evening as a family.  Either way, I love our meal plans, our bedtime routine, my night time routine, and the precious few hours of quiet after Colin has slipped off to sleep.

I love the minutiae of everyday.  I don't think there is a more precious gift in the world then that.


Broken pipes, wet rugs, hectic days, and too short nights.  There are a plethora of reasons I haven't been blogging and those are some of the worst.

There are also days full of crawling around giggling with Colin, playdates with old friends and new friends, walks around the neighborhood, fresh tomatos, culinary adventures, and watching Colin learn about his ever growing world.  In summary, it's been a hectic month, but overall, still a wonderful one.  

Last weekend, one of the charities Dr. Lisa is involved in (California Wildlife Center) had it's annual fundraiser in Malibu and our family headed up the coast!  

It was a beautiful day of sunshine, friends, food and Colin meeting his first rockstar! (Slash was in attendence).  We will miss summer, but we really did make the best of it!  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today in (Amy's) History

I decided to steal a page from Nathalie's book since my blogging has been slipping.  I'll post a few highlights from this date over the last few years.

2013: Celebrated an achievement with friends and a bottle of 2003 Dom.

2012: Worked all day and Shopped at Babies R Us (I was almost 29 weeks pregnant!)

2011: Met Ghost the Terrier (better known as Vinny!)  and attended a gun safety glass.

2010: I paid my cell phone bill (seriously the only appointment in my calendar that day...)

2009: Participated in the Avon Walk

2008: Picked Gavin up from LAX.

2007: Attended a Charity Poker Event in London

Prior to 2007, I kept a paper calendar.  I still own those calendars, but they are much less accessible, so we'll stop there.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Date Night: Big Steps!

In addition to our regular date night last month, we had a special over night date!  We are very lucky to have grandparents living in Las Vegas, we'll never run out of things to do while knowing that Colin is in better than good hands.
Just before date night.
We had a room at the Venitian and decided it would be a good opportunity to leave Colin for his first real slumper party.  We had a very nice dinner at The Public House (Gavin's choice for his birthday) and we only tried to bolt for the car twice throughout the evening!

Our date nights aren't always easy to coordinate or execute.  I still vividly remember how much I dreaded that first one.  Would Colin be okay? Did he have enough to eat?  Would he sense my absense and be inconsoable?  (He was fine, slept the whole time and didn't notice we'd left or returned).

I know that for me, dedicated time away with Gavin is super important.  When we set our date night goal, we both knew that sometimes an 'away' date would be impossible, but we committed to still dedicating that time to each other.  When possible, we prefer outside of the house dates because there are less distractions (no to do list waiting on the counter, no monitor to check (just cell phones "My mom hasn't called has she?") no pets, no chores, etc, just each other.)

I am so proud of our progress and I am so happy to have such a fantastic hubby to date.