Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today in (Amy's) History

I decided to steal a page from Nathalie's book since my blogging has been slipping.  I'll post a few highlights from this date over the last few years.

2013: Celebrated an achievement with friends and a bottle of 2003 Dom.

2012: Worked all day and Shopped at Babies R Us (I was almost 29 weeks pregnant!)

2011: Met Ghost the Terrier (better known as Vinny!)  and attended a gun safety glass.

2010: I paid my cell phone bill (seriously the only appointment in my calendar that day...)

2009: Participated in the Avon Walk

2008: Picked Gavin up from LAX.

2007: Attended a Charity Poker Event in London

Prior to 2007, I kept a paper calendar.  I still own those calendars, but they are much less accessible, so we'll stop there.

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