Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Everyday.

One of the questions that Gavin and I inevitably ask each other during our dates nights is "What is your favorite thing that's going on in our world right now?"

When Gavin asked me most recently, a million pictures flashed through my head.  From leaking roofs to laughing baby.  I realized that my favorite thing about our world right now is the everyday.

I love our everyday.  As much as I love and miss sleeping on my own terms, I adore the moment Gavin appears at the beside with Colin whose cuddles up with me to nurse.  I love waking up, even when it's super early, to make my coffee (even when it's decafe) and get ready for my day.  As hard as it is to leave some days, I love knowing Colin and daddy have a full day of adventures and learning.

In this 'idyllic' everyday, I get several pictures throughout the day.  Colin scrambling up to kiss his pony Tahoe, daddy and Colin smiling together at me, their faces pressed together to fit in the frame, maybe a picture of the baby monitor, Colin in one of his signiture hilarious sleep positions.  When I come home, sometimes Colin is awake.  Daddy announces my arrival and I hear giggling along with the slap slap of Colin's hands and knees as he round the corner to find me.

Some days it's time for daddy to rush off to work, other days we spend the evening as a family.  Either way, I love our meal plans, our bedtime routine, my night time routine, and the precious few hours of quiet after Colin has slipped off to sleep.

I love the minutiae of everyday.  I don't think there is a more precious gift in the world then that.

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