Friday, September 6, 2013

Date Night: Big Steps!

In addition to our regular date night last month, we had a special over night date!  We are very lucky to have grandparents living in Las Vegas, we'll never run out of things to do while knowing that Colin is in better than good hands.
Just before date night.
We had a room at the Venitian and decided it would be a good opportunity to leave Colin for his first real slumper party.  We had a very nice dinner at The Public House (Gavin's choice for his birthday) and we only tried to bolt for the car twice throughout the evening!

Our date nights aren't always easy to coordinate or execute.  I still vividly remember how much I dreaded that first one.  Would Colin be okay? Did he have enough to eat?  Would he sense my absense and be inconsoable?  (He was fine, slept the whole time and didn't notice we'd left or returned).

I know that for me, dedicated time away with Gavin is super important.  When we set our date night goal, we both knew that sometimes an 'away' date would be impossible, but we committed to still dedicating that time to each other.  When possible, we prefer outside of the house dates because there are less distractions (no to do list waiting on the counter, no monitor to check (just cell phones "My mom hasn't called has she?") no pets, no chores, etc, just each other.)

I am so proud of our progress and I am so happy to have such a fantastic hubby to date.

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