Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alex is 11 months!

Super late, but guess who's 11 months old!!  

Okay, now SUPER super late.  I'm so behind!  And no pictures!  But since he's ONE YEAR tomorrow time to post anyway!

Height/Weight: No measurements since his last doctor's appointment.

Clothing Size:12 months

Diaper Size: 3 (but only because I have a TON of 3's left, he should probably be in 4s!)

Eating: Still a fantastic eater, especially compared to his brother who has recently decided to become much pickier.  He did start refusing all defrosted milk (we weaned a few weeks ago) and he also started refusing formula!  I know you are supposed to wait until 12 months, but we've started whole milk and he's a huge fan.

Sleeping: This month brought it's sleep challenges.  Nothing to complain about in the scheme of baby/kid sleep, but Alex started waking up about an hour after he goes to sleep screaming.  We suspect it's teeth, but it's been hard on everyone.  He is down to one nap that mommy and daddy insist happens with his big brothers nap time!

New Skills: Alex took his first steps!! He stood up in the kitchen and took two step to mommy ('s phone).  Big boy!!  He also said his frst word 'niy niy' while waving night night.  Alex also started playing tag with mommy.  He loves the I'm gonna catch you song.

I can't believe my baby is about to be a toddler.  Too fast!!