Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alex is 5 months

My baby boy is five months old!  It's hard to believe.

Height/Weight: We will know next week for sure, but this has actually been the worst part of this month!  At his 4 month check up, the doctor was concerned he wasn't gaining enough weight.  We've added an extra bottle of milk a day to see if it helps and we go next week for a check up.

Clothing Size: Wearing mostly six months

Diaper Size: 2

Eating: Alex is a challenging eater.  He's never been a huge eater, but as I mentioned above at his 4 month appointment, he'd had dropped dramatically in percentile.  He gets really frustrated nursing. Sometimes he is great with a bottle, and sometimes not.   I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but it's hard for mommy!  He hasn't started any solids yet, pending resolving his current eating issues.

Sleeping: So it turns out that the "Four month Sleep regression" is apparently a real thing.  I never really bought into regressions, but at almost exaclty four months, Alex became a terror at night.  I did what I often do in very stressful circumstances and decided to make a mind map.  Low and behold, the LAST mind map I made was for Colin's lack of sleep when he was almost exactly four weeks old. The good news it that Alex has actually improved the last few weeks so we are actually feeling almost human again. In fact last night he slept from 6:45 until 4:30!  I woke up with that normal paniced "Where is the baby??"  He was fine, ate great, and I hope for daddy's sake went back to sleep for a while!

New Skills: Sleeping on his tummy, for one.   We also have a thumb sucker!  Neither are my preference, but anything that means at least a little bit of sleep is nice.  He's also gotten very busy with his toys lately.  

Alex is my happy smiling baby most of the time.  He has a natural and easy smile and it doesn't take much before he'll share it with you.

I love you, little one!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Miracle Babies (the party)

I am frequently reminded that my sons are miracles.  Sometimes I am still shocked that they are here and healthy and happy.

It wasn't an easy path.

Each year, one of our doctors hosts a party to celebrate all of the babies born from his practice and this weekend we attended.

I am incredibly grateful to this man.  I don't know if I would have my babies without his help and support.  As we waited to get a photo with him Gavin and I both had a tear in our eye.  How do you say thank you for something like that?

It was super fun that the party is Halloween themed.  Anoher occasion to wear our family Halloween costumes!! (If you were wondering, yes we were the only adults in costume...)

It was a fun, but also poignant.  

I won't be tapping these heels together anytime soon, I am exactly where I always wanted to be.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Preschool fieldtrips

Last week was a crazy week for the Ladera Learners.  We had two field trips to two different farms!

The first was Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa.

 We have actually been here before because it's part of the fair grounds.  I didn't know they were open year round to visit!  It's awesome because it's way less crowded was way less hot and much cheaper and easier than a fair trip!  

Colin liked the animals, just like he did at the fair.

They had live demonstrations for the kids to watch of  a driver with oxen and milking a cow.

There was also a stand for the kids to plant a radish seed!  Look at all of our little farmers!

The chickens were a big hit.

They had four day old baby chicks and after some coxing Colin finally decided to pet one.

Our second farm was the pumpking patch at Tanaka Farms.

We have been to Tanaka Farms a few times.  For a while we particpated in their CSA program and we visited on a family day.  We also went to the pumpkin patch with Jax last year.  It was fun visiting with our friends from preschool!

We climbed a huge pile of pumpkins for these cute pictures.

This was a close as we got to a group photo at the top!
We also rode on the tractor pulled wagon.

Snack time is always a favorite.  This was extra special because Grandpa came with us!

Busy and fun fall days!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Jax!!

This weekend we celebrated the birthday of our special little guy Jackson.

Jackson's mommy and daddy always do such a fabulous job hosting parties (kind of makes me wish our children's birthdays went in the opposite order!! ;)

This year, they celebrated with a knight theem and a special musical guest!

The Birthday boy!

tattos by Miss Leslie. :)

I am so happy that I can be a part of this little guys life as he grows up.  I can't believe how much he has grown already.  He becomes a more fun and playful little guy every day and  I can't wait to see what's next!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Palm Springs Weekend

This weekend we accepted an invitation to visit Aunt Bev and Uncle Don's house in Palm Desert.  Colin was very excited all week.  We told him we would go after preschool so for several days he recited, "Preschool, Play friends, Aunt Bev house!!"  

We take the kids to resturuants occasionally, but they both did exceptionally well eating out for all of their meals for a few days.  Of course it helped they they had extra people giving them lots of love and attention.

We also watched the TCU game, Go Frogs!


 It was a great trip with plenty of down time (what's down time? I'd almost forgotten!), delicious food, and a very sweat time with Aunt Bev and Uncle Don.  Thank you so much!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our bedtime Routine

It's impossible for me to think that someday I might not remember the details of our go to sleep ritual.  It's such a integral part of our lives right now.  It's something we do twice a day, every single day with Colin.

First Our Book: Snuggle up Sleepy Ones.

"The Sun paints the sky a soft glowing red it's time to stop playing, it's time for bed.  In soft swampy mud baby hippo so snug, cuddles up close for a big hippo hug.  Through wild waving grasses shy antelope roam.  It's been a long day their ready for home. Bold leopard cubs rest from practicing roars, they snuggle together all tired tangled paws.  While up in the tree tops birds twitter and cheap, until quieter and quieter they fall fast asleep.  Below in their nests baby porcupines all curl up snug and tight in one spiky balls. Mischievous monkeys shout down from the trees, "It's not really dark yet five more minutes please!" The zebras lie panting tired out from their play, they sink into sleep as the sun slips away.  The moths go but fluttering the bats flitter by, the elephants rumble their deep lullaby.  The shadows grow deeper the lion cubs doze drowsey heads nod little eyes start to close.  Stars twinkle brightly the moon softly gleams, snuggle up sleepy ones, good night and sweet dreams.  

Then Our prayer:
"Dear God, thanks for the sun, thanks for the moon.  Thanks for my house and thanks for my room.  Thank you for my mommy, and daddy and brother, and thanks for a family that loves one and other. Amen."

And finally our song:

"You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are.  You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are.Why are you so bright? So that you can find your way in the night night night, why are you so bright? So that you can find your way in the night.  You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are. You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are. And your belly does glow, so that you can find your way home home home. And your belly does glow, so that you can find your way home.  You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are.You're a bright little bug and I love you, yes you are yes you are yes you are. Why are you orange and green?  So that you can find your way back to me me me. Why are you orange and green? So that you can find your way back to me.
Having a bedtime routine has been awesome.  Colin knows it means it's time to sleep and it gives everyone a chance to wind down.  I also love the cuddles.

After much debate, we've decided to try a new routine with Alex.  I don't have his as fully memorized yet, but it will start with the book I love you as much, then the same prayer and finally the lullaby that I used to make his rooms wall decor. (Photos to come!)

Someday my boys won't need or want me to read and sing to them, but in the meantime, it's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lil Ladera Learners: Brush brush them!

I am so disappointed that I missed all of Colin's preschool meetings last week. It's been crazy around here.  First we had a sick baby, then work, then a dentist field trip.

I thought the idea to take the kids to the dentist was a fantastic idea, but because of my personal feelings towards the dentist, we decided it would be better if it was a daddy outing!

Dr. Fatehi showing us how to brush our teeth.

After the trip, the kids went to a park to play and eat their snacks.

In addition to a balloon, a new toothbrush and toothpaste, Colin came home with a renewed enjoyment of brushing his teeth!

As a thank you, I made this for the kids to fill out at school tomorrow.

Loving our Home school Preschool!