Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

I'm still not fully caught up on my blogs, but I wanted to take a break to post about our trip to Tanaka Farms yesterday.  It seems like it had been forever since we saw Jax!  These babies grow so fast.

Colin loved the pumpkins.  He wanted to pat, touch, climb and kiss them.  It was very sweet and made it very easy (too easy) to get fun pictures of him climbing around with them.

"I called this one!"
 Jax is getting so big! He's almost a full head taller than Colin!

Jax's mom kept commenting about how the weather was all wrong for a pumpkin patch day (in the 80's).  It's a Californian Pumpkin day, that's for sure!

I'm loving celebrating each new season with Colin and it's becoming even more exciting as he starts to interact more and more with his environment.

Happy Fall!

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