Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy First Birthday to Jax!

I can't believe it's been a year since I met this special little man for the first time.  I met Jax for the first time on Halloween night.  I remember holding him and Colin got in his first (but not last!) kick!

Kate is one of the best people I know about celebrating.  Despite her very busy schedule and lack of free time, she does an amazing job making every holiday and occasion special.  And she really outdid her self for Jackson's Birthday!

Everything was beautiful and coordinated.  She had themed dishes, fun party games, and adorable treats for the kids.

Not to neglect dad's role!  I'm sure he did his fair share of assembly, cleaning, arranging, cooking and helping!  Kate and Rich really did a beautiful job that made me slightly wish the boy's birthdays were reversed! ;)

 Colin had a great time!  Jax graciously shared his new toys including a water table and a ball pit with his friensd and Colin played duck grab with his friend Leslie and won a new Dr Suess Board book!

 Jackson seemed to get a kick out of mom and dad singing to him, but he wasn't too impressed with the cake.  (Which was an anomaly because everyone else thought it was amazing!)

Happy Birthday, Jax!

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