Friday, October 18, 2013

Visiting Chicago

The hardest part about where we live is the distance to our family.  Most of Gavin's family is much further than mine.  This distance seems so much greater since Colin was born.

We just took our first trip back to Chicago to visit family.

The trip there went alright.  I imagined that twice the number of parents would equal half as much work while traveling with a child.  Defying mathmatics, this isn't the case.  Still, we arrived safe and sound!

And Colin got to spend time with all of his cousins!  This is the first time he met two of them and the first time all of Gavin's parents grandchildren have been together.

It was remarkably nice weather.  And we had a nice time relaxing and playing.

Swinging with Buma

His Cousins taught him to play video games.

Colin met his Uncle Byron, who stole his dinner!

Bupa tried to convert him to Apple.  Resist, Colin!

We had a great trip and I'll post about some of our Chicago adventures soon.

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