Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

We had an amazing and busy Easter this year.

First we had a picnic and egg hunt with my MOPS moms.  Since we meet after bedtime, this was my first time meeting most of their kiddos. New friends!

We also attended the Easter Egg Hunt at our church.  We attended the same event last year.  We didn't have enthusastic hunters this year.  Alex is a bit too young and Colin figured out the eggs have things in them and wants to open them immediately!  It was still a great event.  Colin was also old enough to participate in the pony ride and other games and crafts.

And this year Colin colored eggs for the first time!!

Thanks to pinterest, I used a whisk (which worked awesome!!) and the mess was minimal.  Colin also got some great counting practice in counting to 10 with each dunk.

Alex seems pretty excited to get involved.  Maybe next year, little guy!
 On Easter we went to an early church service and then had baskets and eggs at home.  I didn't get a great picture of our baskest this year.

The Willmunders invited us over for Easter Dinner.  Look at our big guys sitting at the table!!

It was 1st Easter for both baby brothers!  I can't believe how long it's been since someone else's first Easter!

What a beautiful celebration!