Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Part I

We had quite a busy Easer weekend!  Gavin's parents made a surprise trip to visit and we were busy enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

On Saturday, we attended an Easter Egg Hunt at Holy Trinity.  Colin loved it!!  Before we left, I showed him how to put a plastic egg into his basket and he really took it!  As soon as we set him down in the Easter Egg Hunt area he ran straight to an egg and ran back and put it in the basket.  It was so sweet and so much fun to see him excited about his task!

He did take a few quick breaks to investigate the decorations and give kisses to the bunny.


Saturday night we attended the Easter Vigil Service and on so on Sunday morning we didn't have anything to do but play and enjoy the surpises from the Easter Bunny!

This picture reminds me of his face from last year!!


It cracks me up how much the kid liked collecting eggs!  He never stops surprising me.

He got a new desk for Easter.  Here he is completeing his first official tasks:

Opening a present

Analyzing data reports (or stickers)

His favorite egg had a chocolate cookie in it.  Yummy!

Happy Easter!

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