Sunday, April 13, 2014

You're a bright little fish and I love you.

Colin's nightly lullaby is still "Bright Bug".  I painted him a picture of a bright bug that hangs over his crib (and accurately fits all of the descriptions from the song!)

When we started putting together Nursery 2.0, I thought it would be super cute to do a 'Bright Fish' painting.

I'm not a great painter, but I drew out my best idea of what a 'bright fish' would look like:
First Draft
Canvas Sketch

I then used some of the samples we had bought for the walls and got to work painting!  I'm so happy with how the painting came out.  Gavin told me pilot fish are supposed to be mean and have big teeth.  Luckily, bright fish are not. :)

  • Bright Bug? Check
  • Orange and Green? Check
  • Belly Does Glow? Check

I love my bright aquatic bug, already and can't wait to meet him!


  1. Adorable painting!! Great song! Jessica's current bedtime lullaby is "You and Me" from Oliver & Company.

    If you skip to the 2:00-minute mark then you'll see Jennifer singing the song to Oliver right before they go to bed. Just like I do to Jessi!


  2. So sweet! That song was on our Disney love song CD we bought for our wedding! Although that movie always made me sad!

  3. I haven't seen the entire movie since I was young -- I can't remember how it ends! When I watch it with the girls, we skip the angry-boss-man-and-his-dogs parts and stop the movie after the song "You and Me".. Haha! These girls really aren't into the dark scary stuff yet. But they really like the songs!