Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holy Week 2013

This week is Holy Week, and in our house, this year is a special year.

A very long time ago, I started a process called RCIA.  (I believe the first class I attended was in 2007).  It's usually a several month journey to join the Catholic Church.

As seems to be my custom, my path wasn't so straight.  The years from then until now have been filled with more twists and turns than I could have possibility anticipated.  My faith, my views of society, community, religion, family, marriage, children, God, and life have all streteched and shifted and grown.

From then until now, my family was born and has grown.

Family is a catalyst for many things, and for me one of those things was deciding to complete the journey.  The RCIA process has been a long one, and honestly, a painful one.  I think there are lots of ways it could be improved, but that's a post for another day.  This year, despite the challenges, I decided I was going to complete these steps.

Throughout Lent, and continuing into this week I've been spending time thinking about the people in my life who I love and who influence me the most.  I've been praying for them (you) and being so grateful to have so much good in my life.

If you have a moment this Saturday, send a prayer my way as I close a chapter on this journey that has been so long.  Thank you for your love and support.

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