Friday, April 18, 2014

Gardening with Farmer Colin

We've been working on our new garden area for a while now. By 'working' I mostly mean Colin and I pick up rocks and then shuffle dirt around.  Colin loves dirt.

Last weekend, I finally actually planted our Garden!

First, daddy and Colin went to the Saddleback plant sale and bought a bunch of our plants.  We got almost everything we wanted except strawberries and basil.  We also got a few bonus plants and some flowers!

It may not lok like much now, but here's the start of our garden!

If you are wondering about that huge plant, it's leftover from last year.  About two months ago I removed all of his friends and I was about to remove him, but he looked pretty healthy.  I took off all of the green tomatos and left him about as big as the plants in the background.  He took off!  (The green tomatos all turned red while I was looking for a green tomato salsa recipe too, bonus!)

Colin didn't help with the actual planting this year.  I hope in years to come he will, but in the meantime, he'll just brush up on his tractor skills!

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  1. Ah, Em and Jess LOVE playing in dirt too. Wish we could get together and let the kids get dirty!! :)