Monday, October 6, 2014

Mom's Blink: And this just happened.

So today I was rocking this mom thing.  I had both kids at Costco buying pictures (and pizza for dinner, I said I was rocking it, not perfecting it). Anyway, I WAS rocking it. Baby sleeping, toddler laughing, all is well.  As we waited for the pizza, Colin, who was mom's awesome little guy the entire time asked very nicely "Mommy, walk on Conin’s feet please." So I let him out of the cart.

I had forgotten how big Costco carts were, and I had the baby strapped to me, so when I went to replace him in the cart, it was harder than I’d anticipated, especially balancing a hot pizza on the edge of the cart.  The end result was a minor, but vocal head bonk followed by everyone in the food area staring at the obviously insane woman who had just banged one kid into the cart while the other dangled from her chest.

A very nice man lifted Colin into the cart and told mommy to watch out for his head and a mortified mommy escaped as quickly as possible.  Once in the parking lot, I was faced with how to best load children, and stuff into the car. (Side note, when did Costco become my new Target? I really am a mom…) I decided to put the pizza in the back then load the kids. I walked to the front of the cart and my Maxi skirt got caught in the wheels.  I quickly pushed the cart back to untangle it and instead caught the rest of it, hopelessly tangling myself in the wheel.  I stood very still for a moment, one baby on my chest, another in the cart and my clothes knotted in the shopping cart.  I was almost more curious than scared of what would happen next.  What happened next was Colin carefully started to slide out of his seat belt and stand up….

My options were do nothing (and risk Colin falling) or pull my skirt off in the middle of the Costco parking lot and grab him. 

Easy choice.

Luckily I hesitated just long enough(trying to figure out if I could strip without waking the baby actually) for someone to walk by.  “Wow you look busy!” she said, which distracted Colin long enough to avoid his escape.  “Actually, I’m stuck and I don’t know how I’m going to get out.”  She rescued me, I rescued him and we all survived.  No one at Costco had to see my underwear, but I did have to tender my resignation as mom of the year…  

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  1. You'll laugh about this one in a few years :). Glad everyone was ok in the end!