Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Preschool fieldtrips

Last week was a crazy week for the Ladera Learners.  We had two field trips to two different farms!

The first was Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa.

 We have actually been here before because it's part of the fair grounds.  I didn't know they were open year round to visit!  It's awesome because it's way less crowded was way less hot and much cheaper and easier than a fair trip!  

Colin liked the animals, just like he did at the fair.

They had live demonstrations for the kids to watch of  a driver with oxen and milking a cow.

There was also a stand for the kids to plant a radish seed!  Look at all of our little farmers!

The chickens were a big hit.

They had four day old baby chicks and after some coxing Colin finally decided to pet one.

Our second farm was the pumpking patch at Tanaka Farms.

We have been to Tanaka Farms a few times.  For a while we particpated in their CSA program and we visited on a family day.  We also went to the pumpkin patch with Jax last year.  It was fun visiting with our friends from preschool!

We climbed a huge pile of pumpkins for these cute pictures.

This was a close as we got to a group photo at the top!
We also rode on the tractor pulled wagon.

Snack time is always a favorite.  This was extra special because Grandpa came with us!

Busy and fun fall days!

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