Friday, August 8, 2014

The Orange County Fair

It's fair time again!!  We had a great time at this years fair.  It wasn't too hot, and the kids seemed to have a great time!  (Alex mostly slept and ate, but he was happy and seemed to like the noise and sounds!)

The only healthy good available at the fair!

When we bought our stroller, I totally envised us at the fair with it. (Weird, I know.) But look!  It happened!

It happened last year as well:

Colin likes the camera at home.  It's tough when we are out and about though. "Hey Colin, stand in front of this cool new thing and look at mommy and daddy who you spend every single day with it."  The animals were a big hit.  Colin successfully identified bunnies and chickens.  He was mostly concerned with what the animls were eating and pointed at the food in each pen 'eat!.'

Colin 'won' two stuffed animals by being cute to one of the guys at the carnival games stand.  

We had a great time. I can only imagine that outings like this are going to become more and more fun as the boys get older!

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