Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4th anniversary reflections on my Marriage.

Almost a week ago, we 'celebrated' our wedding anniversary.

I say 'celebrated' because it's at minimum unconvetional to celebrate a wedding anniversary watching Buster Balloon, visiting the pediatrian, attending swim lessons and making a middle of the night drive to Las Vegas for a bachlor party.

As I wrote that, I had to smile.  These are the 'work horse' years of our marriage.

Our 'honeymoon phase' started before we got married.  We traveled, spent long nights talking, ate fancy dinners, dreamed about the future, dotted on each other and worked through some very serious issues.  Then we settled into the comfort of each other.

These are the work horse years because life with babies is hard work.  Our conversations often revolve around what someone did or didn't eat or eliminate.  Our texts are less flirty and more functional.  For example, I remember texting Gavin that I missed him almost every morning when we were dating.  This morning, I texted him that I thought the milk was bad, to please sniff it before giving it to Colin.... romance at it's finest!

It won't always be this way.  Someday our babies won't need our full time+ attention and we'll have more time for romance.  In the meantime, I know that Gavin calling the insurance company for me is as much or more of an expression of love as a surprise necklace from Tiffany's or a multi course meal by candle light.  It's also not an excuse for me to ignore my marriage or forget how important it is.  It's just a realization that things are different.

While phrases froom frames in Kohl's don't often summarize my feelings, I can't help but look at our family and our home sometimes and think "All because two people feel in love."

Gavin, I love you.  Happy Anniversary.

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