Thursday, July 31, 2014

Alex is 2 Months!

Alex is 2 months old!  Time is going even faster than it did with Colin!

Height:  22.5"
Weight: 13 lb- 2.5oz 
Clothing Size:  Alex wears all 3 month clothes right now.  He also hates being dressed lately.

Diaper Size: 1/2.  He should probably still be in 1s, but we have 2s.  So he's currently in 2s. :)

Eating:  Alex eats on a fairly regular schedule now.  While I no longer track my nursing in the calendar, he usually eats every three hours with one long stretch at night (sometimes) of between 5 and 7 hours.  He rarely hangs out and eats except at night.  He is also incredibly loud when he eats.  (Sorry Auntie Cheryl!!)

 Sleeping:  We moved Alex from his bassinet to a rock and play.  He seems to sleep a little better in it, especially at night.  He doesn't have a set schedule, but he seems to follow one of two routines.  He either falls asleep at about 8 for his long stretch or closer to 11.  He sleeps better when he falls asleep earlier.

New Skills: Alex really started 'waking up' this month.  He has much longer stretches of alertness.  He's also just starting to smile and coo.  The other day sitting in the playroom holding Alex and watching Colin, I looked down to see him staring at me intently and then he gave me the sweetest half grin.  It was one of those moments that just makes me stop and remember how incredibly lucky I am to have these precious boys in my life.  

This month was also Alex's first holiday (4th of July), Party ( Willmunder's 4th part), & Vacation! (Roadtrip to Vegas).  Busy month!  Mommy also went back to work. 

Happy 2 months little guy!

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