Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fourth of July

Things have been crazy around here.  On the third of July daddy crashed his bike and broke his collar bone!!  He's doing okay so far, although we haven't seen the specialist yet.  As a result, most non-essnetial tasks (including blogging) have been pretty much suspended.  But I had a minute, so here's a minute long post about the fourth of July!

We are always so grateful to Jax's family for hosting such a lovely party for the fourth. This year Jax and Colin were old enough to start really interacting.  It's so fun to watch these boys grow up!

We didn't stay for fireworks (mostly because we didn't want to be stuck on the opposite side of Ladera post firework show!!) but Colin did great.  He was up until almost 10 pm!  Alex is still too little to really have a schedule and spent almost the entire party sleeping soundly in mommy's carrier!

Mommy with her clashing carrier and daddy with his sling. Quite a family!

Thanks again to the W family for a fun fourth of July!

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  1. The carrier doesn't clash! It matches perfectly with Gavin's shorts :). So sorry to hear about Gavin's broken collar bone. I'm impressed he's still able to hold Colin! Hope you guys get all the rest and help you need. Wish I could be there to help!