Sunday, June 29, 2014

Alex is One Month Old!!

Where did this month ago?  A month ago our baby boy was born!  Already I can't imagine our world without him.

Because my mommy brain can't keep track of things, I've decided to try out a list format for Alex's monthly updates.

One Month!

Height: Probably about 22"

Weight: Mommy guesses around 10 lbs, but no official weight since his two week appointment

Clothing Size: 0-3 and 3 months.  Mommy finally gave up on shoving him into newborn clothes.

Mommy's most missed NB outfit
Diaper Size: 1's but mommy does still insist on using the random NB diapers that show up around the house

Eating: Alex is a much much less exhuberant eater than his big brother.  He nurses every three hour or so throughout the day and night.  It's going well, (with the exception of my oversupply sometimes being a bit much for him) and I happily already know all of the things that make it easier for me (side nursing, nursing in a carrier, etc).  Alex also had his first bottle this month!

Speaking of carrier, I borrowed a ring sling and I am loving it!  So much cooler than my moby and easier and faster (important when chasing a toddler around!)  I don't have a picture of us in it handy, but here is Alex after I slipped out of it. :)

Sleeping:  So far Alex is a much better sleeper than Colin.  He sleeps peacefully in his bassinet(thank you Aunt Beverly and Uncle Don!) and only wakes up to eat.  He is fairly easy to get to sleep and will sleep most places (except his swing, he doesn't like the swing much).

New Skills: Pretty much all of Alex's skills are new, because he's new!  He does still make thosee very disconcerting newborn breathing noises. Alex is doing great with his tummy time.  So far he hates bath time.

Strong neck!

I think my favorite thing has been how alert Alex seems to be watching Colin.  I know he can't see very far yet, but he seems to follow Colin whenever he's nearby.  It's really amazing.

"Hey Big Bro!"

And just because, me and my baby. <3

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