Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nursery 2.0, (nearly) complete.

I'm a little bit sad to report I didn't 'finish' Alex's nursery before his arrival.  Luckily he doesn't seem to mind much.  And as he's currently our favorite little roommate he isn't spending much time in his room anyway!  

The major features were all complete.  I haven't finished decor.  Which is funny because I actually decided exactly what I wanted months ago, but just haven't actually finished it.  Oh well.  I will update again when everything is in place. (I'm aiming for before he moves in, but it's a soft goal).

I love Alex's nursery.  The theme has shifted a little bit from 'sea' to 'sea turtle,' which I love because we love turtles in our family!!  Colin's nursery did a similiar shift from 'jungle' to 'giraffe.'  I hope Alex ends up liking turtles as much as Colin likes giraffes!! A few of my favorite recent additions are the stuffed sea turtle (from Grandma) and the turtle bank (shown on the picture below, but a little difficult to see) from the Willmunder Family.

The closet worked out great.  I added a small closetmaid organizer so I'd have a few shelves, but mostly they just have toys for Colin on them right now.  I will admit that Alex's closet didn't get reorganized 20 times like Colin's did.  I also didn't have his outfits arranged in the order I wanted him to wear them.  Life is different for a second baby! But they are all clean and ready!

I can't wait for all of the fun we will have in your room, Alex!

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