Monday, June 16, 2014

Brotherly Love, the beginning.


It's only been a few weeks, but already one of my absolute favorite things has been the (rare) moments of watching my boys together.  They have also been some of the most terrifying.

There aren't too many pictures because it's quite challenging to attempt to grab a camera when your toddler is looking lovingly aggresively curiously at your newborn.  Luckily for me, Colin generally announces his intentions before acting.  The following phrases mean act fast: "Baby boom" (I'm about to attempt to knock the baby on the floor. "Diaper oh no" (I'm going to drop something on my brother). "Eye" (I'm going to point not so gently at the baby's eye with my pointy fingernail).

Colin is adjusting awesomely so far.  It's certainly helped that up until a day ago or so he had grandparents lovingly filling his free time. But even in their absense, he seems to be fine with mommy and daddy holding the baby.  He did once strongly request that grandma "Baby, Mommy." (give the baby to mommy, I want your full attention).

I was also slightly concerned about his reaction to my breastfeeding the baby.  He's been weaned a little less than half his life, so maybe it's not surpsing that he doesn't remember.  He does think the nursing cover is a tent for everyone to play in....

I can't wait to watch my boys develop their own relationship as they grow up.

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