Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey Bab(ies) let's go to Vegas!!

When you think of the best place to tkae a 5 week old baby, you know what's always on the top of the list?  Vegas! :)  Just kidding, but Grandma's house is, and since daddy needed to work in Vegas, we decided to take the whole family out for some time with our grandparents.

Going to see Grandma!
I'd been planning for the trip since before Alex was born.  Just making a mental list of what we would do and how we would best get there with sanity intact.  Of course, daddy's injury sent that plan a bit out of whack, but we adjusted.  The travel went much better than expected.  The boys did fantastic.  

We packed up the car before we headed to the 4th of July party.  Boy do these kids need alot of stuff...  When Alex woke up for his 3 am feeding, we loaded everyone up in the car and headed out.  As we'd hoped, the boys slept almost the entire way.  Outside of Baker we stopped to feed Alex and let Colin stretch.

Mom needs a break, I'll drive for a while.
It was a huge improvement over Colin's first road trip. Gavin and I regularly debate if Alex really is that much easier than Colin or if 19 months of parenthood have just softened our sense of what's difficult. :)  
New car Toy! "Should I tell you...."

Paci for the ride.
For the drive home, we left at night and both boys slept all the way home! Including a gas stop!!  But even if the drive had been difficult, it would have been worth it!  

Most excitingly, Alex got to meet his godmother Auntie Cheryl!!

 Colin got lots of fun pool play time.

Alex 'saw' his first rainbow.

Colin helped mommy feed Alex!

Our biggest outing of the trip, was a trip to Bass Pro Shop.

Colin still finds racks of clothing almost as much fun as displays of giant stuffed animals, so it was an exciting trip!

Mommy's favorite is the acquarium.  Colin was fascinated by the scuba diver inside.

I love the wonder and fascination in Colin's eyes as he discovers things around him.  He loved watching the fish.

The trip also meant some much needed rest for our family. Mommy even had her first real outting without Alex!

I didn't photograph it, but I snuck away and had a lovely lunch with my friend Jennifer who is moving miles and miles away (we'll miss you !!!)  It was nice to have a break when there were so many people who love the boys around to take care of them.

Sadly, the main catalyst for the trip, the World Series of Poker, didn't amount to much this year, but it was still a great time to spend time as a family.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for spoiling all of us for a week!

Life is good at Grandma's!

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