Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mom's blinks. Verbal snapshots of life with our family.

I wanted to make a way to capture the small moments that make up my days.  Today they seem like thing I'll never forget,  but time flies with my little guys. My mom suggested titling them blinks and recording them here.  Here's my first one.

We were visiting my parents in Vegas.  My mom had very sweetly left some candy for us in the guest room.  Colin found it, opened it and was working on unwrapping it. He asked me to help, but wouldn't give it to me. I didn't want him to have it because it was peanut butter.  Rather than arguing,  I just told him it was icky.  He stopped unwrapping and looked at me, 'Ick?'  'yes, Ick.'  He immediately stopped, stood up and started to toddle off.  I was kind of impressed it was so simple.

He walked to my mom's room,  to her bathroom, opened a door and promptly dumped the candy in the garbage bin I didn't even know was there. 'Ick.' he conlcuded.

 I guess that's what mommy gets for fibbing!!

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