Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ladera Concerts 2014

Every summer our neighborhood hosts a series of concerts in the park.  This year we made it to most of them and had so much fun!!

We got to hang out with all kinds of friends!  Dr Lisa and Chris came down for one along with Chris' sister and daughter.  Grandma came to two of the concerts, and Grandpa came to one.  Jackson and his family came to several of them and we sat with some new friends and played at another.  Mommy was even brave enough to head out to one of them on her own without daddy!

Pretty much any even that involves outside, friends, and food is going to be high on Colin's list of good ideas! :)

We had such a fantastic time, and it really made be grateful that we live in such a beautiful and family friendly area.  We can hardly wait until next year!!

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