Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Orange County Fair

I like fair season, and we try to go every year.  Last year we went with Terrence on his way though California.  The year before we went with Alyssa.

This year, I didn't think we'd make it since we'd just returned from our Texas trip, but when Jax's family asked if we wanted to go, we decided to go for it.

We used the third row of our car for the first time...

Family Photos at the fair:

The boys didn't seem incredibly interested in any of the fair offerings.  Colin made a funny face at the animal smells, but we couldn't even get him to look at the actually animals!  We did take them on the Merry-go-round, but neither seemed incredibly excited about that either.  They were both pretty content just hanging out though and we had a nice trip.

Firt Ride!!
First Carnival Game (Colin)


With their prizes!
Colin's Daddy and Jax's Mommy did less well:

We had a great time and after Texas, I don't think I could have been more grateful for the weather!

I'm looking forward to future years when the boys are running around driving us crazy and begging to go on upside rides and touch animals and paticipate in all the fair has to offer.  Geez, even just writing that sounds exhausting!

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