Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Date Nights, continued

I wrote before that one of our goals for 2013 was to have a date night each month.

We've continued to successfully achieve this goal!

We left off in April.

May: Sushi Plantation, Mission Viejo, CA

While Gavin's mom was in town, we decided to take a lunch date to our favorite sushi restaurant!  It was awesome that the sushi chef still remembers us and the food is still awesome.  

June: Green Vally Ranch, Henderson, NV

We were in Vegas, so we decided it'd be fun to head down to Green Vally Ranch and deposit some money into my brand new Ultimate Poker Account.  Only I failed.  My account got messed up and I couldn't deposit money.  We ate at the buffet, which was about like you'd expect.  We couldn't find a pai gow or black jack table that met our specifications (two seats next to each other.)  We did enjoy a drink at Hank's Steakhouse which had a very nice ambiance.  We still had a great time just talking and enjoying each other's full attention.

July: Cheese Cake Factory, Mission Viejo, CA

The Cheese Cake factory is our favorite because of their appetizers and dessert.  So we went for appetizers and desert!  It was a perfect low key evening out and a great opportunity to catch up.

August:  Downtown New Braunfels, New Braunfels, TX: Worst date night to date

Since we didn't have a chance for a date on our anniversary, we decided it'd be fun to take one while my family was vacationing at my sister's place.  We usually like pretty low key dates where we can catch up.  My sister recommended a fun bar, but when we arrived it was a bit boisterous for our date night needs.  We set out to find a quiet table.  We did eventually find one, but the restaurant, which we thought was just dark to set a scene, was apparently closed.  The staff was eating at the bar and it wasn't nearly as quiet and peaceful as we'd hope.  We still had fun talking, although on the way home we decided it was our least successful date.  Then I got a speeding ticket.  Officially worst date night ever.

We do our best to take time for each other whenever we can, but having our date nights to look forward to each month has been awesome.  We are also very lucky that we have regular visits from Grandma and Buma that allow us to sneak away without much planning or coordination.  I hope this tradition sticks!


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