Saturday, August 10, 2013


When my sister decided to move to Texas, she told me she was moving to a little town with a German name. Coincidentally, I'd already been to the town when Gavin and I visited Schiltterbahn in 2007!

While I wasn't sure about the particulars of visiting a water park with an infant, we all really wanted to visit the famous park, so we went for it.

I was fairly certain we'd last a few hours and Colin, Grandma, and I would find ourselves relaxing at my sister's place.  But Colin's love of adventure stayed strong and the little guy made it from opening to closing, a solid 10 hours of outside fun!

Daytime hangout

Rare nap.

Floating the lazy river

Adult Suerpvision not lacking.

"Mama Shark, doo doo do doo..."

Hippo with Aunt Cheryl

Mommy's Happy Summertime Baby

A very special thank you to Grandma for hanging out with Colin so mommy could catch a few slides!

My all time favorite was the wave river.  It's just like the one at Atlantis except you are permitted to swim without a tube.  I could have spent the entire day there!

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  1. Your caption "Happy Summertime Baby" reminds me of a great Caspar Babypants song -- "Summer Baby". One of our favourite from the CD "Hot Dog!". Here's a random video on YouTube with it (ignore all the pictures and just listen to the music/lyrics):

    Every time I hear the song I just imagine riding on a highway with the hot wind blowing, traveling with baby. Haha. Enjoy! It's a great dancing song :).