Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fort Worth Zoo


We are back from our Texas Adventure and I have lots to share!  Let's start with our first zoo trip!

We don't love zoos as much as as aquariums, but the zoo was close to campus and seemed like a good adventure. In order to stay sane traveling, Colin was back in our snap and go for this trip.  I was a little disappointed at the zoo, but most of the time that he was awake he was the carrier anyway.  

He spent a decent amount of our time at the zoo napping!

At the back of the zoo, there was a little "Texas" zone.  We watched a Wild Texas presentation that had a very different spin than the environmental protection message we are used to in California!  Throughout our trip, my sister would remind me "They do things differently in Texas."  Indeed they do!


Texans are quite proud of their state.
A few of the highlight's, according to Colin:

Baby loves turtles.
The pizza box at lunch
The stork

Giraffes, of course!
Giraffes up close
Snuggles with mommy in the reptile zone.

Thank you Fort Worth Zoo!  

Stay tuned for more Texas Adventures!

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