Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dorm Life

Our primary reason for our Texas Adventure was for daddy to go to school.  When we started comparing living options, the cheapest by far were the on campus apartments; dorms.  I had several ackward exchanges with the renting director before we were able to commit.  Primarily, I wanted to know if Colin and I visiting would be super weird and awkward. (In my head I saw scenes from Animal House playing out around me as I tried to rock him to sleep...) In the end we determined that very few students would be around anyway and we had a solo unit, so we decided to go for it.
Colin's first meal in a dorm room!

It took some planning (and many lists, of course) to make sure our trip would be doable.  We sent some of the necessities with daddy in the car and had him pick up others there or via Amazon.  We love the travel high chair we got.

The apartment was nice.  One room, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and even a 'room' for Colin!

Colin's Room
I doubt sleeping in a closet will have any lasting affects, he slept just fine!

The biggest problem with the dorm, or any place away from home really, was lack of baby entertainment.  While daddy was in class, mommy and baby made do with what we had!

Most expensive baby toy on the block.

Less expensive, just as fun.
At night, Colin helped daddy study.

Baby Dorm life certainly had it's challenges and funny moments, but overall it worked out just fine.  I'm glad it will be quite a while before anyone in our family is living in dorms again!

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