Thursday, August 29, 2013

9 months

Poor Colin had his 9 month doctor's appointment the same day as his photos, but look what a trooper he is!

With the risk of sounding like a broken record (a phrase that I just realized will mean nothing to Colin and he'll have to look it up like I had to look up the phrase 'mind your p's & q's'), where oh where does the time go??

He is also becoming quite the hunter:

Take that wild animals!

Colin has really been working on his mobility lately.  No walking, but he's always ready to go.  He's also been eating like a champion!  Spaghetti?  Yes, please.  Steak, bread, beets, peas?  Yes yes yes yes.  Although e didn't like artichoke then again I'm not even sure I like artichoke, honestly, but I do like butter and mayo.

He's such a happy and social little guy.  Before the doctor could even ask us if he had stranger anxiety, Colin was waving excitedly at him and reaching up.

This month Colin really skipped headed when he headed to college! :)  Next month we're hoping to slow it back down a notch at lapsit story time, instead!

Happy 3/4 birthday, little guy!

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