Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Date Night

One of our goals for 2013 was to have a date night every month. I knew this would be challenge with baby, but we thought it was important to strive to have at least a few hours to focus on each other exclusively.  So far, so good!

January:  Drinks and appetizers @ Opa, Mission Viejo

January was by far the most difficult.  Colin was just over a month old.  If it hadn't been my birthday, I'm not sure I could have left him!  We only managed to make it out for drinks and an appetizer, but we did it!  Colin stayed with Grandma and slept peacefully the entire time.  We spent most of our date talking about him, both to each other and the waiter!

February: Dinner @ Yellowtail, Bellagio

In February, we went to Vegas for the World of Concrete Convention.  Gavin made (and won) a superbowl bet, so we decided to head down to the Bellagio to collect the bet and have dinner.  I did much better, but Colin had a tougher time.  Apparently he was pretty happy until about 10 minutes before we arrived.  Overall, it seemed to be harder for Grandma and Grandpa than for him!  He settled immediately after we got home.

March: Lunch @ Cafe Mozart, San Juan Capistrano

In March, we redeemed a long expired gift card for a German Restaurant in San Juan.  They gave us the full value, which I appreciated (I think they are legally required to do so in California.  Still, I appreciated it).  The place was empty when we arrived, but we had a nice meal and enjoyed catching up on the minutiae of our daily lives.  Baby had a good time with Grandma.

April: Dessert @ Chili's, Mission Viejo.

As far as dates go, this one ranks at the bottom for sure.  Colin had been having some trouble sleeping, especially going down at night.  We decided it would be better to wait until after he was asleep.  Chili's had our favorite desert, White Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, and was close, so we decided it'd be a nice treat.   Only they don't have it anymore!  And it was a new, and not very good, bartender.  Plus, it's Chili's so you aren't really getting much ambiance to begin with...  Despite the less than perfect outing, Gavin and I had fun just laughing and talking together.  Colin was fine, but Grandma was disappointed with monitor sitting.  I still contend it's better than trying to put down a fussy baby who really only wants to go to sleep for his mommy.

I really enjoy having an outing together on a regular basis.  It also accomplishes my secondary goal of helping Colin learn that other people love him and can care for him as well.   It helps that my mom comes to visit at least once a month.  

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