Thursday, April 25, 2013

Casper Babypants

Our doctor recommended choosing the same lullaby to sing to Colin at bed time.  He suggested twinkle twinkle little star.  I tried it once and decided we needed some new material.  Also, whenever I try to sing lullabies I tend to stray into Christmas songs.  Not sure which synapse is crossed to cause that.

As I sometimes do when I'm looking for a new parenting perspective, I hopped over to Nathalie's blog archives (Thanks Nathalie!).   She mentioned Casper Babypants and I went hunting.  Colin's current nighttime lullaby is Bright Bug.  It's hard to resist a song that's main refrain is I love you.  And Colin is my bright bug.  Perfect fit.

I was a little disappointed to realize I knew exactly one bath time song and it wasn't very long (Rubber Ducky from Sesame Street).  Then I found "Too Dirty to Love" by Capser Babypants!

I sing to Colin all of the time.  He loves it.  So I started exploring some of the other Babypants songs and found lots of them I like.

We have lots of favorites now.  Funny Bone, I found you, Baby Getting up, Run baby run, Butterfly driving a truck...  We want to buy his CD all of his CDs but that seems like overkill and we are having a tough time choosing!

Gavin likes to tell me he doesn't like a song I sing to Colin, then wait until he knows the lyrics and steal it... so now he's singing him babypants songs all day, too!  Then Grandma joined the fun.  I'm sure by the end of her visit, Buma will be singing Babypants with us too!

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  1. We have all his CDs and really can't pinpoint a favourite! They all have fantastic songs. Glad you're enjoying his catchy tunes too! Not a day goes by in this house where we don't listen to some Caspar Babypants :).