Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good Night, Colin.

I love routines.  So I was completely on board with the idea of a bedtime routine for baby.

We started our first semblance of a bedtime routine on the first of the year.  Colin was a month old, we had gotten into a little bit of a groove, and our visitor flow was slowing down.

Our routine has evolved quite a bit since then.  And since Colin has recently moved to his nursery, it's a bit more solid.

Our current routine usually starts with bath time, but that deserves a post on it's own!

After bath, it's time for a baby massage and hair training.  Hair training is (mostly) a joke.  Colin has the same cowlick as his daddy and I'm trying to help his hair to pick a direction.

Good luck with that mom....
Ambiance is important.  If baby doesn't seem sleepy, I still turn on the night time mood lighting and let him play for a bit.
Moon in my room light

Night Light.

Next, it's book time.  We currently read either Good Night Moon or Snuggle Up, Sleep Ones.  On the Night You Were Born was a contender for bedtime book, but I can't read it without crying.

Finally, we sing "Bright Bug" by Casper Baby Pants (another topic deserving it's own post).  Although I just listened to the song for the first time in a few weeks and realized I sing it quite a bit slower.

If we are lucky that results in this:

If you are wondering about the 80's style Walkman in the baby's bed, it's his white noise.  I read some advice that actual radio static was better than a white noise machine because it's easier to replicate in a pinch.  Sounded reasonable to me, so there you have it.

Night time is still a struggle.  Some nights he wakes up once (which we are all happy with) and other nights it's significantly more.

Good night, Colin!

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  1. Ah, I can't read "On the Night You Were Born" without crying either. Just one of the many books that make me so emotional.

    Glad you're into Caspar Babypants! He's a staple in our home.

    Good night Colin!