Friday, November 1, 2013

11 months: Nearly a year!

Our little guy is eleven months old.  It's been a crazy month.  Lots of traveling, family time, and fall fun.

Our 11 month photos were not really a success.  Colin decided he wanted Mommy's camera and he is not easily distracted anymore.  As a result, I gave up early and resigned myself to a few pictures.

"Stop telling stories, mom! I'm a super content and happy guy!" (Temporarily distracted with the lens cover)

This month has been great.  I haven't been feeling well and it's still been manageable.  (It has worked out well that work has been slow).  Colin is awesome.  He sleeps great through the night pretty much every night.  He eats well.  His naps are sometimes a little bit of a challenge, but overall he's easy and content most of the time.

One major change this month is that Colin is no longer breast feeding.  He stopped at about 10 months and has slowly been working his way through the frozen milk which will be gone in a few days.  He doesn't seem to mind formula or milk.  We haven't had any problems and I dont' really expect any.

This month we also had family photos.  That deserves a post of it's own, hopefully when I'm not feeling quite so negative about it!

A few days ago Colin also took his first intentional steps!  He was holding onto our cuddle couch and I picked up the remote control.  He turned and took three careful steps before falling and crawling towards me as quickly as he could!  I can't believe he'll be walking soon.

Overall, it's been a great month.  Soon my infant will be toddler! Oh my goodness!

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