Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Honeymoon!

In anticipation of some wedding posts that might be happening soon, I thought I'd put up a quick recap or our honeymoon. Or at least the travel portion of our honeymoon. I think our honeymoon is still going on. :)


It was about three weeks before the wedding and Gavin and I still hadn't booked our Honeymoon. My original desire to go to the ice hotel didn't mesh well with a July Wedding, and our disappointment with the apparently new management of Paw's Up Resort in Montana left us frustrated and we just kept putting it off. Finally, Gavin took charge, and booked us a trip to Iberostar Grand in Montego Bay. As usual, I wasn't sure of it, but Gavin did such a perfect job with Hawaii, how could I ever doubt him again??

We opted to leave on Monday, which looking back I think was a great idea despite my initial skepticism. Before we left, I insisted all wedding planning paraphernalia had to be stashed. I didn't really care where or in what state, I just didn't want to look at it anymore! We also had a chance to open our gifts and enjoy our first night home as a married couple!

We red-eyed it to South Carolina and then flew into Montego Bay. I wore my awesomely awesome wedding day sweatsuit and Bride shirt Sara had made for me. I got the most comments, not surprisingly, from other brides who shared our wedding date.

The nice thing out Jamaica, is there's pretty much nothing to do. I mean, they have some touristy things, but overall, it's quite easy to just spend your days lounging around the resort or in your room. What better honeymoon activity is there!?

The resort is all inclusive. Meaning it includes twice (or three times?) as much food and ten times as much drink as you would normally consume. Things really went down hill when we realized that room service was also included...

Most evenings it was rainy, but I liked the rain and it didn't even manage to keep us out of the pool!

We did leave the resort a few times. Our favorite trip was to Dunn Falls, a hiking waterfall about an hour away from the resort by bus.

The trip included a catamaran ride and snorkeling, which was not as much fun as the one in Hawaii, but it was still fun and the falls were amazing (except the rather uncoordinated and out of shape climbing partners we were stuck with).

We also took a trip to the 'shopping district' which was a complete bust, but was across the street from Rose Hall, a restored plantation that is alleged to be haunted by a mistress who killed three husbands in the house before being killed there herself.
The only 'other worldly' presence we sensed was the almost unbearable heat and humidity. I thought Gavin was going to pass out! Whatever else you say about Rose Hall, it does have one heck of a view!

To satisfy the 'active' part of my vacationing (besides the hike of course), we took a parasail ride at the resort. I'll admit the laid back staff and creaking ropes frayed my nerves a bit, but it was awesome and I'm so glad we were able to do it together.

We likely won't be going back to Jamaica, but it was a memorable honeymoon.

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