Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's for Dinner?

A blog series about, what else? What we had for dinner!

This week is a little light on photos and great food, but we tried a few new things!

: Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes Inspired by my previous success, we made this recipe again with cubed potatoes, but it didn't come out quite as good. I love the smell of it!

Tuesday: Lasagna Gavin and I made it ahead of time and it made much more than we were expecting so I got to eat it all week!

Wednesday: Vegetarian fajita burrito Sadly, we had a meltdown and Alyssa and I didn't get to eat them before class, I did have one after and it was very good. Here are the ingredients:

Thursday: Lamb chops and basmati rice. Gavin and I have a one pot cook book and had never cooked lamb so we decided to try. The flavor was great, the problem is that a shoulder cut of lamb has pretty much no meat. The rice was amazing although a bit too salty.

Friday: Dinner with Jen. Another great night at Elephant bar!

Saturday: Chili Quesadilla with beans
by Rachel Ray. This dish was SPICY, but very very good.

Sunday: Gavin and I had a big brunch at Sundried Tomato Cafe and skipped dinner.

Not my most impressive entry ever, but hey, at least I did one! :)

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