Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inspired and ready to go!

Inspired by Nathalie, I think I'm ready to start blogging again. The problem is, I've started blogging about four times in my 'adult' life (if you count college as part of ones adult life).

I'll admit, the first blog I started, which I an unable to locate, was started primarily to battle the blog started by my then roommate in some kind of good triumphs over evil effort on my part. I imagine on retrospect I'd find it petty and irritating. Since then, I've blogged on and off, mostly on live journal. I've had two primary complications. The first is that I only truly feel like writing about my feelings and almost exclusively when my feelings suck. So instead of a nice mix of good days and bad days, which would be an accurate representation of my life most of the time, my blog read like that of a preteen emo girl. The second is fear of people I dislike getting in all my business (better known as privacy concerns.) I suppose that the second is likely directly related to my first complication of using my blog as a diary.

This blog is not a diary. Should solve both problems! This blog is intended as a way to explore some of my new interests and maybe get some insights! In an effort to curb some enemy infiltration, don't expect to see last names, birthdays, social security numbers or mothers maiden names.

What I do intend to post is a chronicle of some of my more creative interests. Cooking, Photography and gardening are all likely to be recurring.

Cooking? Yep, I'm learning to cook. Actually, Gavin and I have been learning together for a little while now. In fact, I would say we cook well over half of our food now. I actually find it easier to cook regularly then sporadically. When we were cooking sporadically, food would almost certainly go bad in the fridge, we wouldn't have the items required and grocery shopping took forever. Now that we choose our food ahead of time, shopping is easier, we have what we need and it doesn't take nearly as long. Plus there are certainly health benefits to eating fresh home cooked food over prepackaged, fast food, or even restaurant food. (Even when you are making food that is more delicious than necessarily dedicated to nutrition as shown here!) Maybe I'll post some of our favorite recipes as well!

Photography! For Christmas this year Gavin bought be a new Digital Camera! It's not quite like my other cameras, a fujifilm waterproof and a cannon power shot (both of which I love). This camera, a Nikon D90 digital SLR, has enough settings to make me read the manual more than once! (Actually, I'm not even through it the first time, yet!) One of my favorite things about the camera, however, is that even without really understanding the features, it's still easy to catch a few great shots. The photo taken on the right was taken on full auto. I won't tell you how many pictures I took... Actually quite a few of the pictures are good, I just think this picture is great. I love how it captures the water coming off the dolphin and avoids almost all of the people/trees/interference. I know you can't really see the detail in this image, but trust me it's very nice! After I get a little bit better at using the camera, I intend to find and use a basic photo editing software to remove unwanted bald heads and things, but for now I'd like to spend more time on actually shooting instead. Practice makes less bad!

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  1. Ummm, you forgot to post your social security number and mother's maiden name. Get on that, please.

    Seriously, I love the new blog!