Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gucci Goo

I am so happy that I've had to completely revamp this post which I worked on several times yesterday.

While I promised this blog wouldn't be all 'emo' it nearly was yesterday. Yesterday morning Gavin and I woke up to find that Gucci was gone. Gucci is our six year old Bengal and the most adventurous of our animals. The other cats had also gone for an adventure, but theirs ended about four feet from the door in the safety of our yard furniture.

Gucci decided to take off. We had no idea how long she had been gone or where she was. We first went to all of the neighbors houses asking if anyone had seen her. Gavin searched the trail and I checked with every animal agency I could think of by phone and online. We then made fliers and Gavin took them to local grocery stores and vets while I set up her favorites food and treats at all the doors. I alternated between watching to search everywhere and knowing it wasn't going to work. I tried to get Penny to find her, but she was more interested in playing than looking!

I ended up spending most of my day sniffling in the back yard calling her name and shaking her treats. I convinced Gavin that heading to play the 1k rebuy at Commerce was better than sulking around waiting for Gucci to return with me. Sara came up to hang out and keep me company. Eventually she convinced me I needed to eat. While she was gone, I went out to uselessly yell for Gucci again and I heard her little meow! I ran out and found her in our yard hanging out in a bush. Apparently she had already raided the front door and side door kitty treat stashes, and besides a minor limp, she looked perfectly fine!

I am so grateful to my neighbors for helping to search and my friends for offering prayers, well wishes and comfort! I am ecstatic to have my furry family all back together! With the help of a new GPS tracking system and some luck, I'll never have to see this photo on a "Lost Cat" poster ever again!

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