Sunday, February 21, 2010

A flyby of the first NAPT

The NAPT (North American Poker Tour) kicked off this weekend in Vegas. I made the trip out with Gavin, although I headed home today to get back to work tomorrow. We arrived late Thursday. Friday we saw my parents for a bit, met up with Gary for dinner and then went to the Celebrity Charity Tournament. I nearly played, but decided 500 with rebuys was too much and watched instead. The highlight was meeting Donny Wahlberg, my serious childhood crush. It would have been awesome to meet him anyway, but it helped that he turned out to be an awesome guy.

After the charity event, Gavin and I met up with Kevin and went to the Stars party. T Pain was really awesome. I wasn't sure how it would be, but I thought it was funny and fun to watch. We didn't stay too late as Gavin had to play the next day and I was heading over to see my mom for her Birthday. Gavin sadly busted late Day 1. But I had a good day with my parents, I helped them with some ceramics stuff and they had their first poker experience. Saturday night, Gavin and I decided the best course of action would be room service and UP!. Excellent decision, in my opinion.
The trip to Vegas was a bit of a whirlwind. I got to see some of my friends, although not much and I missed others altogether! :(

Today, driving home across the desert inspired me to get serious about my garden. I had already removed all the plants from my chosen garden area, but the soil seemed too dense and didn't seem to be draining well. I stopped by Home depot for amendments and ended up with a few tomato plants (I figured I'd be quite upset to work so hard and have no actual planting done to show for it!) "Turning" soil is hard work, even in a mini garden! A few hours later and I think I made progress.

I hope that hunting down the rest of my plants will keep me busy (well, in addition to my regular activities...) while Gavin is away this week!


  1. I missed spending more time with you! I'm sorry I never got to really say more than "hi" on Saturday evening at the poker room... :( I was trying to be a good worker bee on my first live PS assignment.

    Back in LA next weekend, and we'll do something SOON after that! And good luck with the garden. :)

  2. I'm responsible for Fridays's conversations mostly being about how awesome the candy bar was! :) I had my hands full Saturday anyway! :) Can't wait to catch up!