Friday, February 12, 2010

Something Else Creative!

As I mentioned, Gavin and I are learning to cook. Since yesterday's meal was pretty much a bust, I decided I'd post something else creative.

Gavin and I frequently visit Disneyland. On a recent visit, we found these awesome aprons. The only problem was that the Minnie Mouse one was only a waist apron. My most frequent kitchen messes are above the waist(and all over the kitchen, but that's a different problem). We bought Mickey and I decided to make mine.

I bought a sewing machine about two years ago when we moved into the house. I have down some sewing in the past, but I am no expert. Apparently, I also have little interest, as the sewing machine sat in the box in the activity room unopened until a week ago!

I borrowed a pattern from my sister. It was awesome because I didn't have to deal with the horribleness that is cutting the pattern. I needed a little help laying it out, which my sister was willing to provide in exchange for some vino. Overall the sewing took me about two hours (and the rest of the vino!) although I was pretty laid back about the progress.

One of my discoveries is that kitty's LOVE pattern material. It's like kitty fly tape, the minute I'd turn around, the cats would run over and start running and flipping over all over the pattern pieces. Not very good their structural integrity.

Another is that hems are hard on curves. For straight hems, I just ironed them the way I wanted to sew them and flew along, the curves were worse. Before my next project (if history is an indicator, I have at least four years) I should sort out this problem.

In my opinion, the final product came out pretty well. The color is slightly off from Gavin's and the hems turn out a little, but they are both cute enough that we hung hooks to display them in the kitchen!


  1. HA! I was totally going to get you guys some monogrammed aprons as a wedding gift.. Good thing you posted this!

  2. Look at my blog! Only four days in and already ruining up some presents! lol Sorry!

  3. That is awesome Amy! Good job! - Tammy