Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy, stressful week!

What a long week! Work, wedding, conflicts, chores... sometimes there's just too much! But, I think it's nothing some relaxing this weekend won't help! I don't have tons of free time this weekend (shocking, I know) but I have some. I'm hoping to get the rest of my garden in. What's there seems to be good so far, but any planting will depend on the weather of course. I like watering my indoor plant, but until stuff starts growing, the outdoor garden is a bit boring. We'll see if I change my mind I guess.

Ceramics was pretty good this week. Our project is coming along quite well. Gavin made some beautiful test colors, now we just need to get them to someone who can actually visual colors and shapes to bring everything together. I'll post some pottery pictures sometime.

In honor of Gavin and my anniversary, I cleaned up the house and decorated for spring! I'm not much of a decorator, but my mom supplied the flowers as an early St David's day gift, so I did the rest. Sadly, I was too tired and busy to cook last night and didn't realize he was away again tonight.

Gavin surprised me with a lovely Tiffany charm. Happy Anniversary, babe!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    P.S. - I really like your kitchen table. ;)